Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thanet Council in a Tizz - Do we expect any better?

An off the cuff, thought, standards, standards just what standards do we expect of our council, I see our friend Moores is once again in the frame, deservedly so or not, for what, behaviour unbecoming a Thanet coucillor! (to be honest I couldn't be bothered to read the detail) 

Please do us a favour, yes a handful of councillors in Thanet exude dignity and respect for, we muppets who go to work,  pay taxes, so they can play politics. 

And before I go further, I should declare an interest, having myself used local authority standards proceedures to redress offensive language.

That said the spectre of councillors settling scores at the expense of the tax payer is nothing short of scandelous, why? Well I suggest you take yourself off to the next council meeting, just to experience the arrogance and pomposity of some Thanet councillors.

An example, back in December, on the same evening as BBC local news had done a piece on, well the frequent farcical behavior of the council, toward the end a council meeting that same night, quite a few of Thanet's great and good got highly excited about, how, the public and local media may or may not record their goings on, wittering on about respect or lack of it, as if any of us, had experience or ever witnessed anything in their conduct that inspired the sort of reverence some delusional members apparently expect.

In conclusion yes Cllr Simon Moores is an aquired taste but no worse than most, and I could name one councillor who for most of their time in office appears to be in the throws of a breakdown, keen to point the finger but more than capable of abusing their positing, but hey what do we expect?

Discuss or comment but please no handbags! 


  1. Tony last week we had the case of a long serving tory councillor leaving the party to become yet another independent. So far I have not seen her treating the people that voted her in to an explanation. There may be exceptions but no wonder Thanet's elected representatives as a whole are seen as self seekers rather than people that wont to serve.

  2. Respect is earned. It cannot be demanded. When will these pompous, arrogant, egomaniacs grow up? Remember who pays to keep them in office. Vote with your feet as soon as you get the chance ... remember their names and don't vote with your cross.

  3. Who would you sack Flaigy from our councillors and civil servants?