Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Stumble through Sunday

Weekends are precious, still some bloggers have time to ramble, me I thought I might take a quick stumble, perhaps knocking over the furniture as I go.

As Sundays goes this one, on a scale of one to ten, is probably about 6 or seven for newsworthiness, first a hangover from last week, is the apology given by the aged Rupert Murdoch for a cartoon that appeared in last weeks paper, accusations of antisemitism flew over the cartoon which depicted Israeli PM  Netanyahu cementing a wall with blood red mortar.  It seemed bang on the money to me, can anyone ever criticise Israeli war crimes, human rights abuse, confiscation of property, bombing civilians, murding UN observers, without being accused of being anti jewish. 

Moving on slightly, my Sunday got off to a bad start, with Tony Blair, on the telly in that slippery slick role of his, as ambassador for American interests, apparently arguing for a never ending war on Islam, turned the telly off.

The news is full of Gay marriage, whatever that is? my view is that marriage is two people man and women, end of, as per the dictionary and before that the bible. Am I homophobic, I don't think so, why should homosexuals engineer a situation, where priests and holy men/women have to change centuries of teaching, tradition etc.  This debate has left a trail of damage in our local council and it looks likely, to do the same thing nationally and for what, as far as I know civil partnership offer the same as marriage, so whats the problem.(please don't tell me)

In the real world people are frightened for their jobs, the issue of migration is top of the agenda, I'm convinced that British nationals are not welcome in some of the larger industries such as agriculture, so while it's right to start cutting welfare and weening workshy off the sofa, unfortunately our indigenous people, will be hard pressed to get a job, particularly with what 3-4 million east europeans having been invited by the last  Labour government to help themselves to everything this country has to offer.

This video from the Sunday Times is, I feel indicative of just how people feel about the change to our country. Sorry this link needs a subscription to Times papers, still for 2 quid its better than buying a half kilo of forest every sunday.

Finally, something I thought I'd never be comfortable saying, is this, I've been listening to Glenn Campbell records just recently after watching a BBC4 documentary on his music, this track I found particularly poignant and quite moving.

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