Monday, November 04, 2013

Sort it out!

On the eve of the new waste service here at Flaig Mansions hurried preparations are being made for tomorrows collection. Well not really, I've no wish to encourage cockroaches indoors or rats outside by leaving rotting food waste in tacky plastic boxes.

Saturday or was it Friday a scrumpled note was stuffed through the door,  producing a what the feck type reaction. Thanet council announcing the start of the new muchly awkward new waste regime, rather helpfully, didn't bother giving any information, other than it wont be on the same day? and an irratating clue mentioning a calendar. (the calendar I understand from the Gazette they'd managed to cock up anyhow)

Well since both I and Mrs Me work for a living, we don't like playing games, so why not having taken time to stuff a note in the door, mention which day and what flippin hoops we have to jump, to satisfy the power crazed Thanet Labour council.

Incidentally  I previously mentioned that the new dust carts come with cameras, and I can only assume that some officer of the council will, with the zeal of officialdom, be scrutinising the bins, and using the full range of anti-terrorism legislation which these blighters have at there disposal, blimey if they can waste your money on pursuing, vendettas against Cllr Ian Driver for scrutinising some the odd business transactions done in secret (like 3 mill plus gifted to TransEuropa) what hope for us with no clout. Bast....!


  1. This recent Folkestone fatal accident may give you a clue why the HSE recommend 360 degree cameras are fitted on all refuse vehicles. Very wise of Cllr Hart's council to comply.

  2. unfortunately cameras may well be useful in identifying the cause of accidents but the idea the Clive Hart is very wise seems somewhat hard to swallow.

    Clive Hart has yet to satisfy his critics that he is competent in managing Thanet council, and as I mentioned earlier how shabby that Clive Hart and his colleagues allow members of the public to harassed in during council meetings.

  3. Cameras can prevent accidents not just identify the cause. The Folkestone accident in not the first death at the rear of a refuse vehicle in Kent in the last year. I remember that the previous administration caused you grief at council meetings not just the Cllr Hart one.

  4. Cameras on dustcarts but not in the council chamber?

  5. Cameras on dustcarts AND in the Council Chamber. Fixed it for you.