Sunday, November 03, 2013

Where do you start

Before I start, a quick mention for Sainsbury's ebooks, I'd not be troubling you with my personal angst, had Sainsbury's offer, of a Free ebook attached to my grocery receipt, been honoured.

I've come to the conclusion that Thanet is, really as badly run as is possible, and that most people in public life really are incompetent and self serving as we suspect, the reason amongst others I find it tooo depressing to ponder local issues.

Things I've resisted the urge to comment on include the outrage of council officers and politicians continuing hostility to free access to meetings, a month or so back, a member of the public was encouraged to leave for allegedly daring to use a tablet computer. Interestingly the "Gazette" wrote up the story IMHO without the usual toadying to the council, when this happened to me, I found the mention of the incident slanted, inaccurate and plain wrong, still those with their nose in trough, would of course dismiss my claims as sour grapes..

The public sector in all its grisly forms, has thrown up some disgraceful examples of abusing the public, they're meant to serve, the police and I don't mean those out on the street, continue to be exposed as less than honest and more than capable of perverting justice, perhaps most sinister being the recent controversy in which a member of the government become a victim in a politicised police force. Fire service, are currently in dispute over pensions despite, and believe it or not this is common view of working people that fire service having a well paid job with pretty good conditions, able in many cases to run their own businesses such as building works, so it was quite annoying to see fire officers walk away from a fire. ( As I understand it Fire service jobs are generally much sort after so, perhaps those who walked away could be sacked and easily replaced)

In national politics, Labour and the Unions continue to bring themselves into disrepute, Unite when they are not facing accusations of ballot rigging have now stumbled further into the gutter, by demonstrating outside the homes of directors of companies whom their in dispute, clearly some such people are low life immoral swine, but surely their families children and partners are entitled not to be threatened by moronic union activists. Locally Labour leader Clive Hart was shocked to see the need for "Food Banks" clearly he has no understanding of the damage his party did, to the economy during Blair/Brown years, which is why Food banks are necessary.

One recent news item, was the suggestion that Thanet council had been bought into disrepute by Cllr Ian Driver, now I myself have criticised him for grand standing, (but hey he's a politician!), the council have apparently spent big bucks, with lawyers, investigating Driver for having dared to photograph an incident in which it was suggested two councillor got a tad heated? God forbid that anyone should accuse councillors and officers bringing Thanet into disrepute by ejecting members of the public from council meetings or losing millions of pounds to TransEuropa ferries for which both Tory and Labour should apologise and not give silly explanations claiming they have not lost money.

Anyhoo coming back to where I started, I shall now down tools myself in mid rant! coming back to ebooks being a cheapskate I shall now trawl through project gutenburg or google books for a free out of copyright read, for those of you interested in local history a search such of this should give you something to occupy your afternoon.


  1. Tony for free ebooks take a look at the KCC free online library.
    All you need is a library card from your local library that has the online account number and pin. Apps are available for tablets, ereadesr and phones etc.

  2. Well said Tony - good points.

    What do you think of the £5M fire station and old swimming pool?

    1. I was going to blog on the new Ramsgate fire station but who would listen to a middle aged fart, it's an utter waste of money, it seems that Kent fire brigade literally have money to burn.

      The abandoned fire station Westwood would seem ideal, currently I notice it appears to be used for parking up what appears to be a fleet of brand new cars with Kent fire brigade logos.

      These appear to be gently rusting for some months now, why God alone knows

  3. If you had been elected when you stood for the TDC, would you have been "incompetent and self-serving" as you claim others are? What skills and abilities do you have that set you apart from those you routinely malign on this blog? And if you are so much better than the rest, why did the electorate reject you so firmly, do you think.

    You also rant disparagaingly - and regularly - about the public sector. Assuming you still claim to be a Liberal Democrat - pause for howls of laughter and disbelief - which Liberal Democrat principles and policies provide the basis for your immoderate, visceral hatred of nurses, doctors, health care assistants, firemen, the police and other public servants?

    Or are you just a gobby "middle aged fart" who deserves no serious attention?

    1. No I dont think so, I don't swallow the tory line of looking after yourself neither the Labour we know best attitude or the new Stalinist bully and corruption when will Milliband grow some balls and sort out Unite.

      Just look at the calibre of Labour cabinet do any of them have real world experience of business and or work.

      You might think Labour would have created a climate in which honesty and openness were prevalent but what have we seen are members of the public ejected from public meeting by bullies cover ups and obstruction of fellow members making legitimate enquires and I assume your own colleagues in Labour bluffing about TransEuropa Pleasurama and god knows what else.

      On public sector ethos how many police have perverted justice, hospital mistreated patients and how many paid fireman are taking strike action presumably for many they can devote the time to their business interests.

      Finally here are the first two sentences from preamble to the liberal constitution, fair enough Liberals don't extend the bullying powers of corrupt unions, but these words are fundamental

      The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full.

      I think you'd find it hard to see where I've contradicted those words

    2. Except your beloved party sold out its own soul to get an inch of power as coalition partners.

      The damage the LibDems have done to themselves since 2010 will resign them to the backwater of UK politics once again, possibly becoming the fourth or fifth party in a three party political system.

      As a once avid Liberal Democrat supporter I personally will not be voting for them ever again as they have systematically gone against every manifesto pledge that I believed in... they can no longer, like every other political party, to be trusted to honour any pledge they make.

      The sooner everyone else realises that the system has finally run its course and now is no longer fir for purpose in the 21st Century the better.

  4. Clearly your either stupid or an idiot Mr Rob, the Liberals had a duty to do the best for the country, as far as I understand they got more than, we might have expected.

    Brown was so twisted in his views of us citizen that when confronted with a rational critic of balmy Labour he abused the life long Labour supporter as a bigot.

    Tony Blair flies around the world in plane worth some thirty million why, because he is part of some charade looking after american/israeli interests which unfortunately mean gross abuse of Palestinians.

    One particular criticism of course revolves around tuition fees, which people like you and especially labour sleaze bags always forgetting Labour scum introduced the idea of charging for education.

    Liberals have worked to mitigate the worst the tories could do and got some good results for low paid workers and deprived children.

    What has labour done in this current parliament to help you or I, bugger all!

    1. Oh Tony, no wonder you took a break the last time you spouted such crap!

      Look at the figures mate, look at how the polls for LibDems track steadily down and are effectively flat-lined now..

      The LibDems have gone from a non-party to a non-existent party, only the truly deluded aging railway workers believe they have anything left to offer.

      As usual your reply is simply a vehicle to show how out of touch you are, like your post about UKIP being a political powerhouse! even though they only a few hundred Councillors out of 19,000 odd, no MPs and only a few MEPs at the Brussels trough snorting vast sums of tax pounds into their expense accounts.

      You are an aged dinosaur, leave the running of this country to those more suited to the 21st Century rather than those who think it's 1950 something!

      Anyway, as a Public Sector employee I must dash as the Chablis is about the right temperature for me to quaff...

    2. Tony, see if you can snap out of your dancing-with-the-stars hypnosis for a minute and try to pay attention, please.


      All these paid representatives of ours, (and I use the term loosely there), all that they are doing is acting out a play that is scripted to introduce the globalist UN agenda to the plebs. They are, mostly all of them, communist change agents, across all main parties.

      In return for betraying their countrymen, they get a decent enough salary, an even more decent expense account, some ridiculously huge corporate bungs paid into Swiss bank accounts, all the cocaine they can snort and free rein to rollick about London et environs, getting themselves involved in some of the most depraved and blackmailable forms of behaviour known to man, while the press leave them alone(???).

      So you see, getting yourself all worked up about Labour creating a huge debt is a tad naive on your part, Tony.

      Of course they built up a large national debt, they're Labour, it's what they do... it's in the script.

      So, qui bono?, who stood to benefit from the huge national debt?

      Could that be the banksters and their corporations and the major shareholders?

      And when the debt is large enough, the banksters plug a cork into the credit spigot, exit disgraced Labour, enter the screw tightening Tories, with instructions to bleed us dry and barely able to conceal their nazi tendencies this first term, they usually wait for the second.

      And when the puppeteers need to create a bit of impact, in order to introduce a particularly unlawful piece of legislation... or perhaps to revive the flagging popularity, due to the war racket, of the incumbent PM/CEO in time for the upcoming general election, then they get the combined security agencies to blow up a train full of plebs, for example, and then they use the media machine to blame it on the Muslims... or whoever it is they have their sights set on at the time, in the war racket, while using the 'opportunity' to push through stricter and highly suspect controls on us plebs at home.

      These people, who have sapped your energy all of your working life in the form of interest, taxes and corporate profits... who have pissed away your pension during the derivatives scam... who have hijacked your soul through your TV set... who will help themselves to a sizable slice of your savings when they implement the 'bail-in' policy on your bank account... and again when they introduce the SDR global currency unit... these people, Tony, who have been attacking you with poisons since the day you were born... who will force you from your home if the frackers are allowed to get their way... THESE PEOPLE ARE HARD CORE CRIMINALS, Tony, will you wake up... please?

    3. And Tony... if ever you get voted in then YOU WILL BECOME A HARDCORE CRIMINAL TOO!!! So please Tony, KEEP AWAY!!!