Sunday, December 17, 2006

Local newspapers under threat

Trinity Mirror publishers of Thanets three main newspapers the Adscene, Times and Gazette announced last week that they would be selling their regional newspaper businesses in the Midlands, London and the South East (138 titles in all).

At present Thanet is very well served by local news organisations but information that Trinity Mirror is abandoning local news in the south-east, presumably means that their employees have uncertain futures and we as readers might well be less well served.

Hopefully Trinity Mirror will be able to flog off their regional newspapers to businesses who are prepared to invest in a healthy future for our local papers, of course the worst case scenario I feel would-be if these newspapers were to be sold to existing local media such as KM Group or KOS.

It is a worry that Trinity Mirror who are one of the country's biggest publishers of newspapers cannot make a go of local regional press in southern England.

Part of the reason that Trinity Mirror, are having difficulties is due to losing advertising revenue to the Internet but since they don't appear to have a presence with their regional newspapers perhaps this is an area that a new owner could exploit.

God forbid the day comes when we only have the K M Extra and a handful of opinionated bloggers (excluding myself of course).

Perhaps ECR could put together a bid himself or even our local council who must spend a small fortune on advertising.


  1. I tried running a newspaper once, and look where that got me. Pesky journalists, missed deadlines, lawsuits. It's a mug's game!

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