Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tory Kent council and Labour PM unite
and pick on the fat boy!

What do bullies do when they run out of ideas and things to do, well if it is Christmas and the season of over indulgence why not pick on the fat kid.

Let's face it both the Labour government and also our local Tory administration are bankrupt, in the ideas department, KCC have launched an inquiry into obesity and have appointed the "obesity joint select committee" whatever that maybe and this being Christmas why not ruin this celebration of over-indulgence by suggesting withdrawal of health services for the obese and smokers as the Labour Party are proposing which will apparently be decided by that favourite of Labour the new people's panel being set up by Tony Blair to consider tough choices (I thought that was what politicians were meant to do).

Well though I happen to be fairly big myself I just wonder why I should be denied the healthcare that I pay for or indeed why smokers should be denied health treatment just where does this sort of nonsense stop, how about old people, indecisive politicians,...

Here are my candidates for withdrawal of health services, KCC for wasting money on a health issue which should be left to the health services, Tony Blair since he has less than one year to run as Prime Minister, John Prescott who has probably lost most respect due to his personal conduct and maybe Gordon Brown for his apparent arrogance in assuming the British people wish him to be Prime Minister.

Anyway fat people are the last target for indiscriminate personal abuse, I do not understand how it is socially acceptable to even consider discrimination against obese people (which by definition is reference to a medical condition) particularly if such suggestions come from politicians in the twilight of their career who have to bludge their holiday accommodation from fading pop stars.


  1. Does "fairly big" mean that your cycling and the diets you have referred to once or twice have begun to pay off? Are you shrinking?

  2. Yes, lets withdraw treatment to asthmatics who consume wine and soft drink containing Aspartame. Lets withdraw treatment from people who drink too much caffeine which causes thinning of the bones and lets kill off old people over 70 for being too old. Yes, I see the future, the savings, fantastic.