Sunday, December 17, 2006

Urgent message for Chris Weston and Ian Peters of British Gas

For some reason staff at British Gas appear to have some urgent message for me back on Saturday 9th December, despite my reluctance to speak with the first caller from British Gas I was contacted again during the afternoon whilst I was sleeping this being prior to my Saturday night/Sunday morning shift, as I was about to ask for the bosses phone number the young lady calling abruptly terminated the call.

Despite being on British Telecom's telephone preference scheme whereby once a registered you should not receive unsolicited calls, I now realise that the bosses of British Gas obviously had some pretty damned important information to impart to me since one call sounded as if it was being made from Mumbai, therefore if anyone has the home telephone number of Chris Weston Managing Director, British Gas Services or Ian Peters Managing Director, British Gas Business, perhaps they could e-mail me I will be more than happy to return their call halfway through a night shift.

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