Thursday, December 07, 2006

Margate blogger wakes up and yawns

For the last week or so I have been slumped on a sofa bathing in the warm glow of the television, except when I've been at work which frankly takes most of my time. Ignoring the urge to bitch about local and national news because I have been too F****??!, yes that's right fatigued.

A couple of things caught my eye, last week the in the local newspapers (Gazette 1st December ) one was local MP for Thanet South, Stephen Ladyman, giving advice on parenting which for some reason reminded me of Jack Straw* some years ago, wittering on about parental responsibility until the Daily Mirror reported on, some of his own family's shortcomings resulting in a sense of schadenfreude** for many.

Again in Thanet South if the Gazette of last week is to be believed, there appears to be something of a bloodbath for local Tory councillors, apparently Chris Wells one of the council's more competent members has been deselected for his current constituency and it is suggested is being offered a strong Labour ward instead, this must be quite disturbing for Conservative voters, particularly as they had recently sorted out a parliamentary candidate "just like Jonathan! "

Assuming Tories in Thanet South continue to have a petty vendettas then maybe Ladyman has a good chance of being re-elected.

Finally last time I referred to Ladyman in one of my postings I suggested that he was pandering to macho posturing, which resulted in much abuse this time I will not suggest he is indulging maternal instincts as God knows what that would result in !

Anyway I shall go back to my warm sofa.
* click here Family misfortunes
** The malicious glee experienced from someone else's misfortune


  1. I thought the bikers had got you! Glad to see you're still alive and kicking.

  2. Sausage boy is still here sadly, killing bikers with 90mph face filling antics and dazzling headlights.