Friday, September 28, 2007


It seems that Kent is awash with the new media publishers, perhaps if you have nothing better to do you may have taken a gander at Kent County council's Internet television station and similarly you have probably also taken a look at your Kent Tv Product from the publishers of Kent on Sunday, and various new local newspapers imaginatively called your (local area name), for now I'll concentrate on the taxpayer funded broadcasting.

Now obviously it is a little unfair at this early stage, to comment on these products, but certainly in the case of the local taxpayer funded Kent TV product, fairness does not come into it, since Kent Council have overstepped in my opinion the line between impartial provision of public services and reckless self promotion at our expense.

As I say it is early days, but just one item which is indicative of Kent councils sloppy handling of this issue is the fact that although Kent TV is already broadcasting, according to their own website they have yet to appoint a regulatory board.

Already as I've said, Kent TV is broadcasting, Bob Geldof thinks it " pretty cool", Paul Carter Kent Council leader thinks " we are ahead of the game" and I think, it's outrageous that's the board of governors who are meant to create and develop editorial specification (?), monitor performance, ensure fairness and impartiality, and arbitrate on complaints haven't even been appointed or sorted out.

I seriously, think that ordinary members of the Kent taxpaying community, you and I, ought to be invited to take part in the regulatory board for this broadcaster, since its our money being used, this could be achieved by asking, members of the public to apply to be on the governing body of the Kent TV channel, and maybe be having a lottery to select interested persons. Of course this won't happen because local government, it is full of people, with little to do.

Maybe it's time in that Peter Gilroy, as chief executive of KCC, and Kent's most senior impartial employee or is it officer (I've never been too good on etiquette), explain why it is taken so long to arrange some sort of regulation for this controversial broadcast experiment.

I wrote to Peter Gilroy back in May sometime, and received a very pleasant if somewhat inconclusive reply, well it's now four months later, and this issue has yet to be resolved, and despite the frequent reminders from the Kent establishment, of just how marvelous Kent Council is and its multibillion turnover, impartiality is a fundamental part of government and local government, so can we now have this matter resolved.

Just as a sort of side issue, a week or so back, Kent TV were asking for possible news items, I suggested that maybe they could investigate, the fact that I understand KCC have blocked access to you tube from their computers and whether they were showing impartiality by also blocking Kent TV. I wonder when they will reply!

Kent Council have a new toy to play with and like a spoilt child, responsible ownership isn't a top priority, you can just imagine how Kent's Tory councilors, and Kent's government functionaries are congratulating themselves on this New Enterprise.

Anyway if you're Bob Geldof, Paul Carter, Peter Gilroy, or just one of the Muggles funding this enterprise feel free to comment, since Bignews Margate have yet to appoint a board of governors to regulate things it's just me and Mr. Puss (and he sleeps most of the time).


  1. Ironically enough, Tony, almost all of the senior officers in my department cannot get Kent TV on their computers because of lack of the necessary software - so they have missed my interview on there (the longest so far, brilliantly lit to make me look like satan!

  2. I'll not add to the that, but yours interview is one of the few things I watched.

  3. Has anyone noticed the remarkable similarity between Satan and the Archbishop of Canterbury? I think we should be told!

  4. TDC goes one better by blocking all radio players on their computers, can't have staff hearing things about their employers.

  5. TDC goes one better by blocking all radio players on their computers, can't have staff hearing things about their employers.

  6. Sorry about that, twitchy fingers pressed send twice

  7. I so agree with you!!!

    This kent tv is such a total waste of money.

    It seriously grieves me and makes me really angry that they are forking out millions of pounds for this tv station and cutting the budgets of really useful services like Libraries and Archives.

    People were made redundant while KCC can afford to have a TV station. They have no priorities whatsoever