Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanet Times and local MP discover traffic chaos

Looking at yesterday's Thanet Times, I'm reminded why occasionally I feel it necessary, to express my opinions and or blog. First off, it seems rather remarkable that one of your local newspaper takes six months, before they report on the possible traffic mayhem, which will be more than likely once the Thanet college plonks itself, into Thanet's new soulless centre at Westwood.

Now far be it for me to make insinuations, but back in April I suggested (at the time Of Thanet Council's approval of the Westwood Housing scheme), that nobody had mentioned the impact on traffic, that the colleges move would have, and as far as I can recollect, not one of our esteemed local journalists thought it significant until yesterday's front page story from Thom Morris (well done), it's just the timing of that bothers me. I just wonder, why our local media held off on this particular development, for so long, is it that they don't wish to upset the local government establishment, who also happened to be advertisers.

Anyway plans have now been sent to the Government Of The Southeast (Unelected overpaid civil servants) since a new college at Westwood, is not part of the local plan, which as we know thanet council adhere to rigorously except when it suits them.

Just for local journalists Thanet Council's latest, grand scheme for Margate, the new master plan which involves diverting traffic around the back of Dreamland site, will if it goes ahead create hideous traffic jams around Eaton Road Margate and the clock tower, presumably our local hacks will not report on this untill it's a done a deal and their stuck in traffic.

Finally as the possibility of an election starts to loom, also mentioned in Thom's report is the fact that Stephen Ladyman is raising concerns about traffic conjestion around Thanet, it's a pity he didn't show more interest, in Thanet's creaking road infrastructure when he was at the Ministry Of Transport. Well one things for sure when the brilliant minds that control local planning have created total gridlock throughout the area in five years time hopefully you will still be able to read it first here.


  1. Im sure our local rags are fearlessly independant

  2. It may just have been that they were desperate for something to fill the front page, and this story happened to be sitting around (sorry Thom if that wasn't the case).

    Anyhoo, good to see you back in fine ranting form, Tone!

  3. Hello, Thom here. I find this quite an odd read. It was reported on because it was given the green light by Thanet council. I did the story because it WILL happen now, whereas anytime before it was just mooted.

    I know you all have an opinion on everything that features in the paper but this iwas decided last Thursday by TDC and thus it was worth reporting.

    By the way, while I'm here, I have no internet anymore so it's very rare I can get on!

    On the Dreamland stuff we have already reported on the change in roads, so perhaps you missed that exciting issue.

  4. Eastcliff I'm just limbering up a bit, I've been feeling rather content with life recently, but I think that will soon change.

    It was a good piece Thom but I feel it would have had more impact, had the proposal been linked into the Westwood Story prior to the Council's decision recommend the Housing estate.

    No internet connection! this is 2007 for god sake!

    I just get the feeling that along with other media, what gets written about is tempered by a need to sell advertising space!(that's maybe one for your boss to consider)

    Good story and it does seem to me that Ladyman is getting very active in his constituency about time too! Who knows he might even develop into a tradional labour politician

  5. Rather hoping the good Dr Ladyman does develope into a traditional labour politician in Thanet - the loser!

  6. You may not be aware that as a Transport Minister, Ladyman was not "allowed" to be directly involved in local transport issues.
    That is no longer a retraint, hence his comments.
    At the Council meeting, I expressed dissatisfaction with the college travel plan (as I also did with Westwood Housing you may remember). The college travel plan has no teeth and is purely aspirational. I wanted it brought back to Council once some proper conditions have been agreed. In this case though I voted for the planned new college so as to capture the huge Government investment in education.

  7. Westwood just shows How polictians and Councils are 'Out of Touch" with local issues. The success of Westwood will suffer do the lack of any real investment in infrasture as people won't bother going there due to congestion. Margate High St will now suffer with the introduction of a weekly market selling the same goods that directly compete with the last shops that still survive. The market should have been sited in Cecil Sq, and at least this would have linked the High St with College sq. The people that make these decisions do not benefit Thanet, and seem more interested in generating further income for either the Govt in the form of rates from new developments, or the income from letting stalls out.