Tuesday, September 04, 2007

London to Paris 2 hours 39

Wow what a fantastic acheivement you can travel, by train, from Paris to London in just an hour longer than it takes passengers from Margate to creak into London-Victoria.

I wonder in what year it will be possible for residents of Margate to travel at even half the speed of the Eurostar trains, it will probably never happen.

It says something for this country, that it is incapable of building a high speed railway without French and Japanese technology.

Even from Ramsgate we are informed that despite the fact that many of the highspeed trains will be maintained in the town, journey times will not significantly be improved, what a pity that Thanet South MP, Steve Ladyman could not have used his influence to have the track upgraded to allow for a proper highspeed service from the coast, when he was Transport supremo.

Anyway I´m pleased for the people of Paris who will now, be just 3 hours from civilisation.

See BBC Story


  1. Congratulations on getting the track laid on time!

    Makes those smelly, noisy old aeroplanes look positively Jurassic!

  2. Paris est civilisation, désire ardemment la France de phase et le Français !

  3. I think the excitement may have muddled your timing there, Tony: it's two hours, three minutes, 39 seconds, not 2h 39m, so it is actually quicker than London to Margate or Ramsgate in most cases.

    Civilisation is just a 2 hour dream away... or one and a half hours if you can get the occasional surviving Ashford train. Even luckier for those Parisians.

  4. For whatever reason I was a tad distracted whilst doing this particular blog and yes I later spotted my error but was unable to access my google account.

    Errors of this magnitude are rare as you will know.

    But if anything the true facts add weight to my implied critism.

  5. Fair enough, but I think you're underestimating the impact that the promised 11 or 14 minutes off the Margate-Victoria timings will have. Or perhaps not.

  6. I once helped a young man with his homework and found that in 1912 the train from London to Margate took 1 hour 30 minutes. Bring back steam!

  7. Its a damn site quicker than Margate to Ramsgate via Westwood chaos