Thursday, September 13, 2007


Some things that start as enjoyable diversions can become obsessive, takeing over your life, blogging might well fall into that catergory.

Last week I found myself on holiday, sitting in the back of a bike hire shop which also doubled as an Internet Cafe, adding yet another post, now although I get bored easy, surely I could have spent more time on the beach.

I always have plenty to say, but since returning on Saturday afternoon I have made a conscious decision to put this (blogging) on the back burner (sometimes two hours a day cannot be healthy unless your earning from it).

One experience from last week, occurred when walking down a busy street in a Majorcan resort, mid-day I felt ice cold despite the heat, it took a second or two for me to realise why. I had just walked passed the bar which a couple of years previously, I'd seen the first reports on the London bombings on the telly.

This week saw the sixth anniversary of Bin Laden's, attack on America, and when you see how one man's sick and twisted vision of politics and religion, results in the death of thousands and a lasting fear for millions it makes you think.

Seeing Bin Laden's image in the media this week, it's difficult for me not to blog, apart from being a sick twisted individual, looking at him with his dyed hair & beard, you cannot help think that despite the fact, he is a cold blooded murderer, as a man he also must be complete tit.

At some point Bin Laden didn't have the depth of charactor to realise, when his beliefs past those limits where humanity was more important than obsession. I shall not be adding much to this blog if anything this week.


  1. I understand but you will be much missed.
    You sound a voice of sanity in these troubled times.
    Good luck with whatever you do

  2. I know how you feel. This blogging lark can become a bit too much sometimes.

    Also I don't think people appreciate how much us bloggers rely on feedback to keep us going. Nice comments, barbed comments, any comments, at least it means someone's listening. What would be the point of just detailing your day to thin air? Might as well keep a diary for that.

    I've always felt the Thanet bloggers were a nice little community, let's hope this doesn't spell the beginning of the end. God forbid we should end up not caring, as seems to be the case in other parts of the country.

    I'd be sorry to see you disappear from the scene as I've always thought your take on things was pretty much spot on. Apart from training flights, of course ;-)

    Hopefully you're just suffering from a bit of ennui and that, like my old showbiz mate Frank, you'll be planning your comeback tour in a matter of weeks!

    All the best,