Monday, October 29, 2007

Kent TV " propaganda on the rates"*

Leader of the house of commons Harriet Harman*, thanked local Kent MP Stephen Ladyman, for raising the subject of the apparent abuse of taxpayers' money, by spend thrift councils like KCC, who recently decided to spend 1.4 million pounds of your money and mine on what most see as a vanity publishing exercise in self promotion.

Now this project Kent TV, bares all the hallmarks of a hastily ill judged project, perhaps the most, outrageous lapse, has been the lack of any properly thought out independent regulation of this enterprise.

Last month I spoke with someone at Kent Council, who informed me that a governing Board would be formed (cobbled together?) sometime this next month (November). The makeup of which will, not surprisingly I understand contain Peter Gilroy, various council employees including police and fire services, but no members of the public as yet.

I understand that they will be meeting shortly, so maybe they'll to consider this, much of the content so far seems to be local council propaganda, anyway to redress this balance, I have bodged together a quick video commentary, mainly as an experiment just to see how democratic this TV station is.

I will of course update you, if it passes the Kent censor, whilst we're waiting you can form your own opinion and by clicking the link let the world know what you think.

Please remember Tony flaig TV costs you nothing, as does this blog Kent TV however is coming out of your wallet.

Link to Kentnews story

Link to Kent TV

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  1. A fine cameo appearance by Mr Puss!

    Seriously, though, why couldn't KCC have run their channel using YouTube as a platform? It would have cost nothing. If they wanted control over the content then it would have cost a bit more, say the price of a few cups of tea and some biccies in a committee room once a week.

    Ten Alps, which makes Kent TV, also makes Teachers TV, and was reported recently as hoping to lock in more long term contracts like this as part of an aggressive growth strategy. Just like the tailor who made the king's new clothes, methinks.

    So, why not spend a few quid, get yourself a handful of Ten Alps shares, pop along to their next AGM and sing 'Sir Bob is in the altogether'!