Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Just about to head off to work, have just come back from the thearte royal, so have not got time to refine this piece. PLEASE Winge agbout resulting errors.

Anyhow David Chipperfield has given another top performance and produced a quite a pleasing design. see press for details

Surprised that their were none of the usual anti types, every one was well behaved including me, my question being only slightly offensive.

Will add to this after a wake up sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Must say I like the flock wallpaper in the theatre before it was painted over.

One thing that troubles me is the number council officials/functionaries on the top table.

For my previous observations on Turner click the Turner Contemporary Label at the bottom of this post


  1. I know I'm usually the first to poke fun at architects, but I will admit that the new design is a teensy-weensy bit better than the previous 'Richborough Power Station' effort.

    Please do not turn this comment into an 'ECR Endorses Turnip' headline.

  2. yes i was at the theatre and i think the new design is absolutly stunning!also i am impessed that david chipperfield took on board peoples comments and amended the design.fabulous cant wait for it to be built!