Monday, March 10, 2008

Invitation for steve

As you may have noticed or more likely not, in my last reference to
the state of local blogs i let rip at some anon guy called steve who
suggested my blog was less than brilliant .

Well if i had a gauntlet id throw it since i use rubber coated gloves i
will make this more simplistic and less dramatic suggestion send a few
words which dont involve attacking local bloggers being offensive
and i will post it on this site.

Email include your contact details and something entertaining .

PS the only chance i get to blog at moment is squashed in back of a
small van to and from work

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  1. I thought that less than brilliant was the whole point of "the peoples media" (blogging). I was under the impression that ideally it should not be highly polished but real. Reality is not smooth and shiny but often rough and bumpy. If everything was polished to the same shine it would be, frankly, boring.

  2. matt b said

    blogging should not be highly polished but real

    Hear hear

    There I was just yesterday when I ran into my old school chum Lord Flash. He invited to his club and, err long, we were there each lounged on a chesterfield and sipping a Pimms.

    I could see that Flashy was cogitating. Experience had taught me, with Flashy, to simply wait and eventually he would give voice in thanet to his deliberations.

    I confess, however, to some astonishment when Flashy confided that Eastcliff (a literate alumni or should that be alumnus or something. The sort of thing Eastcliff would know actually)

    "Eastcliff", said Flashy, "is becoming etymologically sensitive"

    "Have you evidence for this old man ?" I replied (secretly wondering if the condition Flashy described is treatable)

    "Evidence yes. His aetiology can be characterized by his recent apoplectic response to a combination of letters. G. I. P. P. O", said Flashy in his seldom used grave voice, "And he has succumbed to psychological projection. The identification is his mind of a blame victim."

    "Who might that be", I asked with incredulity.

    "Simon Moores", Flashy said.

    The he abruptly changed subject.

    "Jolly bad form from that Rick too", Flashy flowed " He sent an email betting Moores that he could beat his own record for being moderated off a trivial Thanet blog site. The blighter, although he promised proceeds of the bet to charity must be said, went on blog and promptly used his author right to delete his own entry. That is not playing with a straight bat. His bet was an out and out trick. Moores blo-dy good form paid up anyway."

    Yes I love a real story too matt b

  3. Well this week saw me walking, in the realtice safety of daylight, in seedy Augusta Road. I ignored an Eastern Erupean urinating an a Lada.

    Then looming into view. A new eatery, and one I had not been able to hold a naming competition for. It was called simply by its local Thanet coloquial name.

    "THE CAFF"

    In I went. I soon regretted my internet notoriety because the counter girl spotted me right off.

    Next thing there she is doing a Katey Bush across the caff with the dole scrounging locals slurping cha at the same time as aplauding her efforts.

    "Eastcliff Eastcliff its your caff now"

    Then, alluding to my Flasheart stories, in a loud voice she asks

    "Is that a Toyota Priapus in yer pants or are yer just pleased to see me ?"

  4. I'll respond in person, on email, and on the "wanker" stream.

  5. I refer to a wanker thread on the blogging controversy post Steve.

    Is it about a thread on Gazunder you refer to as a "wanker stream" ?

    I admit to some surprise at the usually eloquent ECR .... but there it is.

    I prefer to enjoy an insult directed at me and a well thought out threat is most appreciated too.

    In fact if anyone is struggling for an insult or threat to direct at me then just email and I will provide a choice of suitable material.

  6. Thankj you steve see my reply on previous strand.