Monday, March 31, 2008

Same old Same old in Cannes

One of those things which make it difficult to comment on local politics is that some items tend to have a very repetitive nature, so rather than blether on too long, a couple of particular stories which seem to have repeated recently are that representatives of Kent and the southeast went off on some junket to Cannes in the south of France, which was covered in last weeks Kent on Sunday, and salaries paid to local authority wallahs.

The story concerning the Cannes trip, to an exhibition promoting various regional locations, including naturally Kent and the south east to overseas investors seems to lack any real proof of benefit, a similar story as when Kent council spent hundreds of thousands on a pointless exhibition in America, as yet Kent council or Locate in Kent have yet to announce so much as a new McDonald's franchise let alone any multi million investment, still I'm sure all these people aren't travelling just to keep the accounts departments busy dealing with expenses?.

On the question of Local fat cat salaries I covered this one last year click here in a frank interview with my collaborator, just one point Thanet council apparently did not answer the freedom of interest request for salary information, perhaps Richard Samuel (Thanet's top bod) could drop me a line

For more details (Cannes) click here for Kent on Sunday Site you will have to look at last weeks copy

For more details on er plump cats click here for Kentonline (KM Group)

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