Sunday, March 30, 2008


No apologies for the intermission, difficult as it is for me and fellow bloggers to ignore the urge to vent, on just about everything and nothing, I was beginning to think how depressing everything was becoming and samey feeling their must be a better way to spend my time.

There is more to life than bitching, and being passive is one of them. For tranquility and peace of mind not listening or reading the news or reading is a good thing. I don't regret any of the time I've spent on posting to this blog, however doing nothing is relaxing for a while, though I find it a little disconcerting the less I blog the more visits I get. Still sedation may be an exaggeration but for quite a while I have immersed myself in the tranquilising effect of trash TV, when I've not been either too busy, too tired, its been a case of being too bored to burden those sad blighters who read this stuff, with my extreme middle aged angst.

Eventually, enough is enough, and we aren't all happy to just sit wallow on the sofa for ever, particularly when in my case I found myself too weak to turn off "The Jeremy Kyle show" which a member of the Flaig household had been watching. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular practitioner of daytime TV Kyle, specialises in the personal relationships of what yanks call "trailer trash", basically what you seem to get is a fairly strict formula on comes parent/ partner/ sibling/ offspring who explains hurt, out comes perpetrator either belligerent or passive but always pathetic, Kyle then puts the case to the defendant irrespective of their answer, he then starts to moralise, gradually as he climbs to the moral high-ground he becomes more assertive and starts shouting ever louder to compensate for his lofty position and even if his victim appears to have surrendered and pleaded guilty and promises to repent. Before I move on here is an extract from a news item last year "Judge Berg was reported in the Manchester Evening News as saying: "I have had the misfortune, very recently, of watching The Jeremy Kyle Show. "It seems to me that the purpose of this show is to effect a morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people whose lives are in turmoil."
He added that it was "human bear-baiting which goes under the guise of entertainment".

One other recent passive activities worth commenting on is looking at furniture with Mrs Me, which is another of life's experiences requiring little or no input from me other than to appear interested and concur at the right points but not so much so as to be clearly bogus. I feel that being held hostage by Mrs Me, in excess of three hours, in the Land or World of Leather Sofas or whatever, must surely be in contravention of my Human rights and or Geneva convention particularly, when you factor in the threat of harsher punishment, that being made to look round the adjacent shop at curtains cushions and other soft furnishings. At one point I was so weak, I pretended to be keen a particular suite, despite it being made of leather (I'm a vegetarian as far as furniture's concerned), I even toyed with the idea of paying for damn thing with my own money! just to get out of there, in fact having agreed to one hideous suite with freedom clearly in site, the only thing stopping us from making our escape was the world's most honest salesman, with a comment suggesting our choice was particularly difficult to get through any door smaller than those found attached to Barns or Hangers. After some discussion a compromise choice was made, which once again was thwarted by the same honest salesman who informed us that unlike most of their product, our next choice was half cow, half plastic and no way the full Monty or Quarter pounder. The only plus at this point was that Mrs Me lost the will to go on, and thankfully the shop over the road (soft furnishings) had closed for the day.

As you know this blog has never been about self promotion or an ego trip (What ! ?) unlike some of those prima blogerinas in Thanet but since writing about local politics and ever incompetent local bureaucrats I might move on to more trivial matters. Hopefully I will be renewing my interest in local matters, although its getting more difficult particularly when you think things couldn't get worse in Margate and a week later realising they can with more shop & pub closures. There are worse things than sitting in front of a keyboard ranting.


  1. Ah yes we understand but you have been missed.
    I could never understand the interest in curtains and cushions when I was young, but now am of an age where I am satisfied with my lot and not being sufficiently interested to look again.
    However a new carpet might be worth investigating............

  2. prima blogerinas no idea what you mean.