Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blogging Controversy rumbles on

It is a subject which i thought would have passed over by now , that
is Simon Moores recent decision to stop his blog.

But as you can read it still rumbles on in the blogosphere which is a
pity since local debate now seems to have polarized around thanets
self righteous .

I dont doubt Simon has been the victim of old fashioned play ground bullying.

My advice would be to just ignore the irrational abuse eventually they
will find some thing else to chew on.

I just wonder why those involved dont move on

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  1. I agree. Moores should put up or shut up.

  2. Lovely day today. I went for walk at Westgate and the birdies were very lively. Spring is here!

  3. anon 11 27 you seem to typify part of the more bullying type of contributor just what is distorying local blog s

  4. It occurred to me that we Thanet bloggers could produce an animated webpage to keep ourselves in check, based around psychoanalytical techniques, the names of other Thanet bloggers would appear randomly and it would time how long it took one to click on them. The relative responses would then give us details of our aggression towards any given blogger so that if things got out of hand we could go and have a cold shower or something.

  5. Sue

    I made damson rum and port from the last of our allotment damsons we froze last year.

    if you visit Planet Thanet Chat in the future I hope to start a Show your Shed thread.

    The show yer dog has got two entries only.

    lovely day yesterday at the allotments.

    it was wet here today so i stayed in and read a bit on the US 6th Amendment and US and UK common law.

    That only took five minutes. So I took the dog for a long walk and watched something I never seen before. Coots fighting for territory on a lake. They are mean little beggars. Ballsy ... no anonymous sniping from those fellas.

    nature has a lesson for us all eh anon 11.27 ?

    When I got home I did a workout. Bit on the heavy bag, then some weights.

    wife made jam from the last of teh frozen raspberries. This year I should have tayberries too. Then she made is it a victoria sponge ? Anyway good. Sure to have more calories than I just used in gym. But at my age I don't care.

    better just try the rum n port see if the damsons are infusing.

    hey up Tony

  6. In a previous post, Tony, you said you wanted to hear or read nothing more about the apparent and I would say/agree irrelevant disputes between certain local bloggers - at least not on BGN.

    Why then, are you continuing to stoke the fire?

    And if you are going to stoke it, should you not do so evenly, and not in a way that supports one of them - Simon Moores - against the others?

  7. Oh, and why did you delete the very sensible and moderate post lodged by James Maskell some days ago? Were you asked to do so?

  8. One of my last two posts was removed for being unhelpful and refering to the blogwars and Im fine to let it go. The other one was commenting on TDC consultation on the new waste collection system in Cliftonville West and Margate Central, though it seems to have disappeared. Both posts were a while back. Im not fussed.

    Thanet politics has really gotten ugly since the elections. Terrible shame since Thanet needs all the help it can get. I havent been to as many Council meetings as I used to (A few years back I was challenging a lot of sitting Councillors attendance records!) but its not hard to see it.

  9. Rick:
    That sounds interesting. If only we had a shed to show. Our two are a pile of ash but I suppose that has a beauty of a kind.

    I will pop over to PT very soon.
    The tales of your produce are mouth watering. Damson port! YUM!

  10. Tony, if you have evidence to support Simon Moores allegations in the press, that he has not supported, you might feel free to post them. THE THANET BLOG WAR ISSUE is all about free speech; warts and all. That's why the issue is so important.

    Go and see what MattB is doing on Wikipedia and ask yourself is he correct. Go and look at and read where Simon Moores alleges that his wife and family were abused in the street; in Westgate of all places? How many bloggers could recognise Moores let alone his wife and family? Simon Moores claims that being a prominent blogger assisted him in a Council Election last year and used his blog to promote his profile and thus it helped get him elected. He cannot whinge and whine when the other face of blogging crops up and threaten Google action ( told to bog off by Google who stress the right to free speech even if it gets rough)! He even threatens legal action and hints at trying to get the law changed when his mates at Westminster get back in. ( Its a bit difficult to confirm Tory mates as he has been involved with Labour and with Lib Dems and seems to float around without any life-long commitment to a political stance). So before you rush to his defence, ask yourself what is the real issue? This whole business did not get out of hand through OVIT, ECR or other sites having a go; we have had robust exchanges for the past 2 years.
    Something that looked like some-one digging into academic qualifications on another site may have caused the sudden and dramatic effect on Thanetlife on Mon 11 Feb between 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. When you get to the bottom of that then you might get close to the truth about this whole business.
    Until then, look at the comments by a Judge in Cambridge to the jury in a sexual assault case that was thrown out.

  11. the only entries on your blog that gets responses are discussions on the far more interesting blogs that used to exist.

    You are getting increased traffic only because of their demise. The thanet public want somewhere to discuss the real issues around with lively debate. You should encourage some if you want to shift the focus

  12. To those who have a grudge against Simon Moores, and endlessly obsess about the guy I need make no comment or even justify what I've said.

    Those of a fragile temperament easily upset please look away now.

    As one who has been at the end of pea brain tossers, who like to bully for no other reason than it gives them imagined sense of power, I have every sympathy for Simon Moores.

    Steve you seem like a prize wanker if I might suggest, you suggest that I am getting increased traffic as a result of what is a hate campaign, at this point I don't no what traffic I've had.

    Secondly Steve you must be a masochist why else return to this site if its such crap.

    Thirdly steve I make the assumption that you are some delicate flower who wouldn't appreciate that some of us do have to do real work for a living, in my case I've worked 70plus hours doing 24 this weekend, so just what do you expect.

    Steve why not put your full real name up just so don't confuse you with all the other anonymous wannabees

    Lastly Steve since my creativity or lack is of such concern, do something creative yourself because at this point in time your just a bludger or sponger of ideas even better your soaking up stuff from my third rate trash blog go buy yourself a newspaper.

    Sorry for that folks.


    To attack on a personal level a man just because he holds moderate views is frankly warped, and I don't give a toss what Matt B is doing since I rarely read him or the very simlar in nature Corporate Presenter,and by that I mean they both seem to have ratings as their goal.

    Just how ridiculas would it be to criticise and then hound ECR for some of his comments, or even the rather petty exclusions,invitations only, what bollix if you think about, for instance as someone who I think has been fairly nuetral over this affair what did I do to get banned.

  13. I just noticed I've ignore my own advice

    still i'm tired, no excuse but i do feel better for it

  14. I'm hurt that you think me so shallow. That aside, I applaud your neutrality. Extreme stances are not needed and are often less than helpful. Well done.

  15. Looking at the comments free speech looks like a thin excuse. From what I see here nobody has stopped anyones free speech.

    What you have is Thanet alot poorer because one weblog and its writer is not aloud to write because a couple of others hate tories and thanet council and can't leave it alone. If it wasn't so piggin sad it might be funny.

    All I see is he has done this, or he said that from people trying to fill the space left by ECR and OVIT and bring readers to there own new blogs like Thanet Star or Thanet Strife.

    I agree with Tony. Prize wonkers the lot of them.

  16. I think Steve is bang out of order. We were just getting a discussion going on allotment benefits, such as damson Rum n Port and it is delicious.

    My property in Thanet is in Vandalville.

    But oop north my allotments are not. I have a greenhouse across the width of the allotment. And in the otherwise dead ground around the big old damson tree I have built a shed expension.

    Since bricks on site are free I built a brick chair for an old patio stive of ours to stand on. That way I only had to buy one length of flu pipe to take the smoke out through the roof and above the level of the roof apex (to make the smoke draw)

    Then going into the new extension (built from georgian windows etc thrown out by double glazers etc) we have a gas range for brewing and grilling. Outside I have a barbie which is a drawer job so you can burn old wood on top and do a roast in the drawer.

    And it is available all year round.

    Sometimes in the shed (I have a round dining table and chairs in there) fellow allotmenteers might gather for a cup of tea. So I nicked some old Readers Digests out of the doctor waiting room.

    And as it happens I read one the other day. The part on reader anecdotes entitled "Gentlemen that Reminds me"

    This Thanet contributor had been awarded a tenner for his contribution.

    The story went like this

    "At a Sunday School in a Ramsgate Church the vicar was teaching the toys about the 10 Commandments

    "Let me get this right" says one child, "He goes up a hill and an anonymous one voice gives him a set of rules to live by which should be binding on the rest of us"

    "Yes" encouraged the vicar," There is but one voice that of God. His is the one voice everywhere. Including being the One Voice in Thanet"

    "I been on his blog" Said a little Newington lad

    "NO no no" said the vicar kindly "he only thinks he's God"

    Yes I have been sipping the damson rum n port.

  17. as evidinched by my shpelling

    An email popped up and it was Eastcliff Richard apparently alluding to me, on Gazunder, as a w-nker.

    I have replied along the lines that the worst of his criticism is it is all true.

    In fact my solo activity was such that Thanet invited me in to provide samples for the purpose of improving the gene pool.

    I, however, expressed the wish that he ECR did not start life as a fledgling tadpole in one of my sample jars.

    If he cares to identify himself and provide a DNA sample via a solitary forearm shuffle of his own perhaps we could check ?

  18. Tony, firstly I must apologise. It was not intended to annoy, upset, or get a reaction. My only intention was to point out there is a lot of noise from readers wanting to discuss the "blog wars", as well as other Thanet issues. You should embrace it, not dismiss it.

    Secondly, I couldnt agree with you more on the wanker front. Never won any prizes, but a confirmed wanker for a number of years now.

    Thirdly, I appreciate the effort that goes into your blog, and idiots like me jumping in and slagging it off, intentionally or not, must grate. Mine was not intended at all as previously said, but my use of the english language could have been a little less harsh.

    Fourth, the point you would be getting increased traffic dues to other blogs demise, I'd bet you have had large increase in vistors. Not the only reason, but the main reason would be other thant blogs closing down.

    Finally, Higgins. My surname. Nothing to hide from anyone in the blogosphere, not masquerading as anyone else, always sign in when commenting.

    A further note - now you have used wanker and masochist in the same comment, you might be getting a type of visitor you never dreamt would enter your site.

  19. Well I may have over reacted steve my apolgies, its just that a weekend spent slogging away on the railway particularly 12 hour shifts tends to leave one with an attitude (much as I enjoy it).

    today I had a flyer ie a shift cancelled with pay so I'm almost refreshed apart from the 3hours travel.

  20. Hello Steve and Tony

    I got a fair shout from Bertie Biggles so I just put, what I hope is an explanatory piece, for fair minds, back in like spirit.

    Best wishes