Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanet Councils Rubbish Christmas

In the spirit of Thanet Councils "Drop it or Cop it" campaign  may I suggest a special nomination and award to Sandy Ezekiel (leader of the council) and or perhaps Richard Samuel (chief executive) since I note a massive pile of rubbish is over-flowing at the top of Northumberland Avenue in Cliftonville with apparently little activity from the councils environment people.

"Drop it and Cop it" is a rather irritating slogan attached to Thanet District Council's campaign which involves "officers" leaping out at unsuspecting litter louts and levying humongous fines which are out of all proportion to the crime ( a fag butt might well lead to a fine of a couple of hundred quid). Still the money received is probably needed to patch some of Thanet Council's gaping financial holes like the one created by purchase of the M& S building around 4.5 million for something worth more likely below 2 mill.


  1. I've seen similar scenes around Thanet. The housing estates and the "posh areas" seem to be all about the same. If anything the estates are tidier.

  2. This is something we would all like to see sorted out I am sure. Easily achievable for just a few quid a year extra on the rates.

    If you were truly community minded you would volunteer your own motor to transport this detritus, instead of insinuating that the council is responsible for all ills, in all situations.

    Get a life.

  3. Excuse me 2:45am (get a life)

    I am truly community minded otherwise I'd not spend hours of my spare time boring you witless, hence I frequently address matters which are of concern to the local community.

    Removal of waste is one of those core duties of local authorities, surely TDC could plan ahead for Christmas or maybe not as it the case highlighted.

  4. Blogging is the lowest form of political comment. Even dropping a turd through the letter box of your least favourite political party office requires more effort.

    So don't tell me this blog site is a community asset. It is just a forum for nerds like you to vent your spleen because you aren't clever or energetic enough to do anything really positive and useful.

    And a forum for nerds like me to poke a stick in the eye of a peasant.

  5. Seen it moved twice in recent days rather I should say wife has I only went out last night for first time for 17 days cos I was proper poorly over Christmas.
    2.30 poke away at least it means your still alive and breathing Happy New Year