Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blatant discrimination of British workers as non Polish speakers need not apply

According to the Sunday Times Forza AW Ltd a supplier of meat to supermarkets have placed adverts for new workers requiring that they speak Polish, this was later explained as a “breakdown in communications” by Max Hilliard mentioning the company had experienced a fire resulting in an urgent need to find 400 new staff.

One can understand that in the circumstances of a company losing 40% of its production facilities, short cuts are necessary, but since adverts were placed by an East Anglian employment agency OSR, you would like to think they would be aware of the 1976 Race Relation Act, which states that a genuine need, has to exist for requiring specific languages.

Despite this being a “mistake”, one applicant who phoned OSR was told “ have to be fluent because all the health and safety training is all done in Polish rather compounding the mistake.

I’m convinced that large swathes of industry actively discriminate against British workers, its seems rather strange, does it not, that however, this misunderstanding occurred, that before adverts were placed someone didn’t say, we don’t discourage British workers do we? or even more surprising that once the adverts had gone out nobody twigged and then presumably went on to discriminate against English speakers.

I always have to issue a sort of disclaimer when broaching the touchy subject of migration of labour across Europe, and basically its this I have no animosity toward migrants, but object to employers and indeed our own government using them as cheap labour easily exploited at the expense of this countries own nationals who over the years have created and paid for our cherished health education and welfare.

Finally is it any wonder that so many are deserting Labour and mainstream political parties, working people who were born or have lived in this country most of their lives are sick and tired, of unfettered migration and sick of the smug professional classes who ignore the issue since they have yet to lose their own job or had their earnings slashed. I hope those involved.


  1. It doesn't just stop there - A few months ago when i was made temporarily unemployed, i went to our local joke shop - oops i mean job centre to apply for unemployment benefit. Anyway to cut a long story short. I had to go back 3 days later to be personally issued with approximately £3 yes three pound whilst the polish foreigner who stood next to me and was using a state paid for interpreter coz he couldnt speak a word of english had his claim rushed thru in minutes and recieved over £250 because of hardship. Excuse me but i was born here and spent 3 days getting three pound (i still have the giro coz i couldnt afford to get a bus to cash it) and a non english speaking immigrant gets over 250 for being an immigrant - this is wrong and needs to be stopped now. Im not a racist in any shape or form but i do question why British people are treated with utter contempt yet a bloody foreigner is treated like a king. I question the DSS and ws told that i was not entitled to any more even tho i had paid my national insurance and it was up to date. I no longer pay any NI coz i no longer see the point in giving money to the state when they cant be bothered to give me any back. I also no longer pay tax for the same reason and urge everyone to do likewise.

  2. anon 3 14 I have no problem in accepting everything you say, although Im sure many will not believe you

    I went to work at a much publicised multi million pound greenhouse, I was surprised at how few, in fact none of those whom had been a flippin long queue at a job agency were working there.

    I only got work as I kept ring once there was made unwelcome

    during the few shifts I got, speaking to rare english worker it became clear that the east european agency supervisors did not welcome english speakers, an example of how the seemed to discriminate was getting a text message at 10 50 pm for a shift fot the next day 6am almost like they didn't want you

    another reason for not wanting brits is understanding health and safety rules something poles etc probably dont know about

  3. Total made up rubbish from racist drivel land

  4. Employers don't like the English because many tend to be lazy racists who think the world owes them a living, unlike most East Europeans who are willing to get off their arses & travel across the continent to provide for their families.

  5. Reasonable points 3:14 and 345

    not sure 3 48 who your suggesting is being racist, surely not the sunday times although I understand the story is covered in the Mail so who knows

    4;00 I can honestly say working with east europeans and fellow brits there is no difference in work attitude some are grafters and some are not suggest you leave your desk and get a proper job

  6. you only have to go down into the lido area of Cliftonville and you might as well not be in Britain no english spoken! It seems that a smaller and smaller percentage of the population is keeping a larger and larger part of the population and apparently Gordon signed up to the Lisbon treaty and thereby will have to allow every Estonian, Latvian and other lastest accession country's citizen to come over here and claim social security and all the other benefits! Enough is enough!

  7. I don't see the problem as too much immigration - I see it as not enough emmigration! Encourage more of the locals to leave, most of the Eastern Europeans are far better for the area than the pitbull-tugging third-generation-dole-cheats that are forever wrecking the place or causing fights! I wish there was more intergration though: where are the restaurants to buy east European food? Where can we hear their music?

  8. I have heard the comments before about"the well known Greenhouse" and I understand that there is an agency who deals with this that specifically asks for Polish speakers. This is very sad. But who do you blame?
    How about a government (Along with Ireland and Sweden) who were the only ones to allow open access to all members of the EEC to work in our the UK. Result 3 million unemployed 3.5 million immigrants from the EEC. figures from the recent BBC documentary, that was based around immigrant workers in Wisbeach.
    I have nothing against immigrant labour and professionals where there is a need or shortfall. However we seem to have let it get out of control. While I also accept that there is a large portion of this country that is lazy and love to work the system, the majority just want to work. And just for the record I am married to a the daughter of immigrants from the East, and she feels more strongly than I do. Also I should say that I am a Socialist and feel sad that we do not have a representative party now in this country.

  9. 6 37 You cannot apportion blame on east europeans flocking to Britain to help themselves to jobs and benefits.

    What gets on my tits is the attitude of people like you Peter, your right that Thanet like the rest of the country has many scroungers, whose lives have been devoted to living off benefits, and being an irritation.

    The point is on top of a core of low life scroungers many hard working honest people have found themselves, having wages cut or being priced out of their jobs by cheap labour in manufacturing agriculture and construction for what.

    Mass migration has lead to misery for hundreds of thousands of British citizens with no benefit to the economy just poverty pay and fat profits for a few at the top.

    I hope you don't find your job dissappearing Peter

  10. Tony, I guess you missed the bit where I said we need emmigration as well as immigration... It needs to be a two-way thing.

    What DOES annoy me is that everyone blames them for all the countries ills, didn't they do the same with "coloureds" or "p***s" when we were younger? Yet now top class locals have been mourning the possible demise of a local Indian restaurant. So I still live in hope that we'll eventually get more intergration instead of the racist "us & them" attitude.

  11. Peter this issue has nothing to do with racism at all, the construction and agricultural industry have exploited the situation driving down wages.

    2 or 3 million people turn up looking for work in an unplanned way what's the likely effect on the existing population? Simple really.

    If the government were to swap all those non working Social Security scroungers for hard working Poles Latvians Romanians etc would anyone care but its not likely is it, so we have situation whereby the existing working population is being discriminated against as in the case mentioned although fortunately this was just some terrible errror

  12. I think it's important that people blame the system though & NOT the people.

    I generally admire these East Europeans for trying to better their lives by working abroad (& I'm sure they'd much rather go home to their families every night than stay in a country where they're often made to feel so unwelcome). They're human beings too, & for the most part honest & decent people who've been raised to be polite & respectable.

  13. tony, its survival of the fittest.

    you have to sacrifice something to get on in life. professional footballers, usually from the worst city centre estates and with little education, sacrifice drink, girls and cigarettes (well, most of them) for training, while all their mates are having a perceived whale of a time.

    professional classes, I assume you mean those who might work in an office, may sacrifice a life outside of work monday to friday and beyond to devote their time to having a short but frenzied career - think banker, lawyer, journalist.

    Thanet, like many other areas in the UK, has a high concentration of professional benefits claimants, some having learned their profession from their parents and grandparents. It also has a high concentration of post-prison jobless, and people who walk around with a walking stick all day pretending to be ill. some of these people have children, many have more than one, without having any means to pay for them.

    Having come from a single parent immigrant family, left school at 16 with 7 GCSE's, 3 above C, been made redundant twice in a 20 year working career in London, averaged a 55 hour week (only contracted for 35 hours) I find it difficult to sympathise with anyone out of work for any period. My wife and I have just had our first child after working ourselves into a position to be able to afford it. Compare that with the "third generation benefits claimants" Laura Sandys wants to help. Irresponsible, but supported and sponsored by all the main parties.

    The jobs are there, you just might have to travel, move or even emigrate to get them. Oh, and work bloody hard as well.

    What do you think of the millions of Brits living in spain, most only knowing a few words of spanglish, eating chips and watching only fools and horses?

    You come here or were born here, you work, you are welcome. Its very simple.

  14. 9 40 typically I do a 60 hour week plus the commute your comment doesn't explain why its acceptable to discriminate against english speakers nor how a mature economy is meant to cope with 2 to 3 million turning unplanned over 4 or 5 years?

  15. What a difficult question. Who to employ. A disciplined hardworking Pole who travelled to find work OR a typical loudmouth knowall dole fiddling lazy long term workshy Thanet tosser.

  16. Prejudice is to form a judgment in the absence of evidence. Hence Tony you are correct. It was not prejudice. There is an archetypal Thanet dole scrounger. KNow it all do eff all tossers.

    And Peter wakey wakey

    Some immigrants don't wanna integrate

    Poles and certain other immigrants can be poles apart in attitude. The reason health and safety is delivered in Polish is because they work. Hence not Urdu etc ?

  17. your Labour friend Lord Adonis thinks the good old British trade unions are hell bent on bankruping BA He told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that the strike posed a threat "to the future of one of our great companies in this country".
    they wouldn't have that promlem with Poles

  18. i have just been made reduant for the second time. The agency in my area would not take me on but were taking forgein workers. One that did take me on said we would phone u up they did at half 4 in the morning to get to work by 5 which was half hours drive away. The jobs should be done through the job center not agencys

  19. 1.23am, do you think it was that you could not spell, or were too lazy to get up for work that was your undoing?

    tony, as I said its survival of the fittest. 3million immigrants correlates with 3million unemployed. If the jobs were not here, they would not be here. Simples. If a company is discriminating anyone for not speaking a language where its necessary, or refusing applications where a language is not necessary, they are breaking the law.

  20. I think the real issue here is that business only cares about profit. If they can getaway with paying national minimum, they will do it and they do not care who they employ. Capitalism has no loyalties, profit will always come first.

  21. It has all been deliberately set-up this way to cause friction, while the sheeple are busy fighting each other over this issue ; they hope they wont notice what is being shoved under the carpet and the draconian measures that will be inflicted on the population next.....