Thursday, March 04, 2010

No apology for Tory Boy Simon Moore suggest you try Thanet Times

Simon Moores Thanet’s rising Tory talent, in a world of the mediocre, was at a loss to understand my last posting, as much as I was with his comment of mystification. “Tony
You have lost this 'Tory Boy' completely!”

Thanet Times reported “Internet delay on council debates” referring to Thanet council’s apparently aborted webcasts, as I mentioned at the top of my last post “I’ve no time or inclination to construct my usual verbose postings”

Moores usual omnipotent style assumed that naturally I would have read either his or Michael Child’s weblog, “The meeting was broadcast and you can find the link on my weblog, Michael Child's and even TDC's website.”

Irresistible as Thanet Life and er Thanetonline are, I have to say that when I take out my 12hour shift, plus commute even I have to turn down the wonderful, light, engaging, entertaining way these blogs inform us of occurrences in the metropolis of Thanet.

Note to Simon suggest you contact Rebecca Smith editor of the Thanet Times for a correction of their apparently sloppy and inaccurate report. I like to think I have standards as good as professional hacks like yourself and KRN news wallahs, I should have checked my facts and not relied on professionals.

more tosh

I shall set aside some time at the weekend to review TDC’s webcast in the mean time here is the link for anyone else who is out of the loop, like me and has bigger fish to fry and or is still in employment despite the best efforts crooked bankers, politicians, and corporations.


  1. Now there's an entirely new idea for me to grasp Tony, that you might actually accept as 'fact' anything you might read in either the Thanet Gazette or the Thanet Times! It's a thought that might take some getting used to!

    Fortunately and through reading the local weblogs and not the local paper, many people managed to spot the council's webcast from a number of sources, the moment it went live and its been a subject of some debate this week.

    While your'e on perhaps you might correct the spelling of my name in the headline. After all, we've known each other for over 30 years!

    Many thanks

  2. I think the basic problem here is that TDC's own website only reported that the video of the meeting would be available 4 days after the meeting had taken place. ie it was only on the friday that TDC's web site stated that the video was being made available on the following monday. Up until that point it was reporting that due to the mic problem the webcast would not take place So I suspect the newspaper story was written before TDC's updating of its web site.
    So Tony you can blame TDC for not being on the ball and the councillor can also take it up with them for you.

  3. Maybe you should visit some of the other Thanet blogs a bit more often Tony (& unlike this one they're not all full of party political propaganda).

  4. apologies for the misspelling I will not correct it at this point as it make your comment less clear

    I just would just like to point out that I only compounded the original error of yours or the Thanet Times in suggesting the webcast would not happen something you may wish to acknowledge reading blogs even mine is not compulsory

  5. Sour grapes Tony. Even my primary school kids are asked to link their work with evidence.

  6. anon 10 15 thank you

    anon 10 38 I do visit other blogs, unfortunately working the long hours I do I don't always have time. TDC didn't send any emails announcing succesful webcasts. Also 10 38 this is no more full of party political propaganda than many ( a remark in the style of Nottingham?)

    sour grapes indeed not sure what your point is however Simon Moores made a rather pompous point as per usual and his remarks are nonsensical twaddle

  7. I wouldn't worry, Tony. Watching paint dry is exciting compared with the turgid stuff on the webcast. What was interesting, however, was the mostly supine Tory backbenches who never said anything during the debates. Are they real people or holograms to enable the real councillors to go off and do something more valuable with their time?

  8. What is this Council about?? One feels that it time that there was change. Margate...well what a disater. No wonder there is suggestions they all move to a new building in Westwood. Siting along side thier visions of the new town. Please be more open with your electorate, ie cameras etc, as at the moment we do not like what is going on behind closed doors..Mayor of Margate accused of animal cruetly..should simply go!!