Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Erratic service

Just a quick note, or comment on my lack of blogging, its simple I don’t have the time.

Things you're missing are comments, I would like to make about the artificial world of Labour politicians, like Nottingham who recently I believe appeared upset that he could not pick a wifi signal at St Pancras, perhaps as he sipped beverages at the Champagne bar (the longest in the world assuming there happens to be another) I was going to contrast it with the state of the Rail industry and might still do so, if I get time, not that any self respecting Labour politician could give a flying er ………..

Also I see our Sandy, soon to be former local Tory Leader has been usurped by Cllr Bayford (Who he?) and more importantly has my favourite Tory Blogger no not Biggles but Simon Moores, been able to jockey for position in the cabinet? will Roger Latchforfd now be able to quietly retire, so many questions.

The budget I have not had chance to see the news but care little, since as ever, the masses like me will be screwed once again and really its only degree and method that changes (YAWN)

Any way I shall resume as soom as poss, which could be tomorrow or next month, fortunately Thanet Bloggers offer a diverse range of views although to be honest they all seem fairly right wing, from that photography bloke, media mogul, through to the bookshop guy.

Fortunately I do have some leisure time and found a very pleasant pub on a recent visit to Folkestone, The Pullman the service friendly and although we (Me & Mrs Me) kept it simple ordering omelettes these were superb best I’ve ever had.

This has been typed in a hurry so I'll tidy it up when I get a chance.


  1. Me, right wing??? I seem to be the only person in Thanet who actually openly welcomes immigrants for one thing!

  2. Tony, since you say you are too busy to read the news and care little about the budget here is a summary for you:

    £2.5bn package for small business to boost skills and innovation

    One year business rate cut from October to help 500,000 companies

    Investment allowance for small firms doubled to £100,000

    Doubling relief on capital gains tax for entrepreneurs but no change to capital gains tax rates

    £385m to maintain road network

    Canals body British Waterways to become charitable trust not sold off
    One-off bank bonus tax has raised £2bn, double the amount forecast

    Basic bank account guarantee for a million extra people

    RBS and Lloyds Bank Group to provide £94bn in small business loans

    Six month work or training guarantee for under 24s extended to 2012

    Amount of time over-65s must work to receive work credits reduced

    Tax allowances for those on over £100,000 gradually removed. No changes to allowances for everyone else.

    Annual limits on Individual Savings Acounts (ISAs) will rise from £7,200 to £10,200 next month.

    Stamp Duty scrapped for homes selling for up to £250,000 for first-time buyers, but only for two years

    Stamp duty on residential property sales over £1m to increase to 5% from April 2011

    Inheritance tax threshold frozen for four years

    Clampdown on tax avoidance to raise £500m

    Funding for 20,000 new university places in science and maths but institutions must make savings elsewhere

    £35m enterprise fund to help university-launched businesses

    Winter fuel allowance rates extended for further year

    £4 rise in child tax credit for parents with young children from 2012

    But if you read the tory press you would believe this was an empty budget.

    And KCC will get an extra £2 mill to mend its pots holes. Thats twice the extra amount that KCC were adding to their highways budget for this purpose. Even more money will be ploughed into Thanet. £200,000 extra for the council to help the seaside towns. Maybe TDC could offer free parking this year? With Ramsgate being a wind farm port I am sure they will also get a share of the £60 mill available for wind farm ports.

  3. openly welcoming migrants for skills shortages is one thing allowing unrestricted migration just too allow for exploitation is a fairly right wing view Peter

  4. I'm just interested in enriching Thanet with other cultural influences Tony, & fortunately so are others:

  5. Peter what has multiculturalism got to do with exploiting migrants ?????

    You hold a rather woolly view of the world in which nothing has consequence, and perhaps happen to be just a stooge of right wingers who are happy to knowingly treat people as commodities, which is the result of the Labour parties open boarders policy.