Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good luck to BA staff, its only business

I don’t know the in and outs of BA cabin crew’s dispute with the management of the company and neither do I care. The only fact we the general public need to accept is that the staff union, have held a ballot of members, who have, one presumes after due consideration of the facts, concluded, that industrial action is necessary, having no doubt weighed up the risk of putting the company out business etc. thus making negotiations pointless.

To simple minded adherents to the free market, like your average Conservative lackey, the press and some bloggers see Simon Moores appear to suggest the proposed strike is some sort of malign political attack rather than workers trying to negotiate.

Keeping it simple for such “thinkers”, employees of BA are taking action to protect either their jobs or conditions of employment, to summarise a group of people who have joined a union to negotiate efficiently and effectively, a perfect example of a free market negotiation something Conservative politicians ought to praise.

Right wing politicians would not get too excited and don’t if fuel companies, put the squeeze on airlines through increased fuel prices so lets just let Unite and BA conclude their business.

Tagged along with this dispute is the suggestion that unions are now running the Labour party, if this is the case why do we still have the likes of Mandelson, bending over to look after the interest of big business or indeed Labour MP’s who along with their Tory counterparts have been too busy looking after their own business of lining pockets with taxpayer funded expenses to worry about ordinary people.

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