Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Apprentice predictable but enjoyable

I've never been a fan of reality TV, most of that genre is built on the back of either sad cranks in the "big brother" type or talentless no hopers as in the "Britain's got talent" sort. Sadly TV execs know that if you set up delusional singers or balmy characters to be humiliated then the great British public will tune in their millions.

Still the apprentice, is different, well maybe not, as with the mainstream talent shows the contestants view themselves, as the perfect candidate, for the win, however generally those taking part. are soon exposed in more depth, than any other show.

Early on its often clear those who wont make it, and none more so than last weeks episode, as the loser Dan Harris was moving to bang his hand on the table to emphasise his willingness to be a team leader, Mrs Me piped up with "He's going, home!" being a bit slower I had just thought that exact phrase.

I've not really got into this series yet but presumably by the end of tonight's second episode, I will once again be hooked, if nothing else Lord Sugar's dissection at the end of the programme is always a treat.

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