Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dangerous Demolition Site Sorted ? and other stuff?

abouttime Following on from my recent mention of the demolition site in Northdown Road, apparently left abandoned by the site owner, when I past by midday this was being boarded up, about blimin time!  As you can see from the picture below this site was previously left in a potentially dangerous state.
I was told last week, that the owners of the site, had not been helpful in making the site secure, putting Thanet council in the awkward position of sorting the mess out, presumably using council funds, to sort out.
Anyhow just as an experiment of sorts, I thought I'd conduct a consumer test on my local council representatives, sending them a link to my earlier posting on the matter, Labour Cllr S Hart, Conservative Cllr M Jarvis, Independent Cllr  T Watt-Ruffell, of the three, so far only Michael Jarvis responded, despite Labour selling Cllr S Hart as Dane Valley's wonder councillor, and Ted Watt Ruffell has never responded to emails.
demcracyinactionornot Just a quick mention on Manston, it seems to me that, the issue of a few flights at night has become a magnet for cranks from across East Kent, Herne Bay seems one hotspot, I note one blogger is even suggesting that I'm a bigot, tut tut, I'm not quite sure that anyone could possibly hear planes from Manston, finally, my last post was a reaction to the Gazettes trawling up a comment, out of context, although its fair to say that having pointed in the past to some of the dubious adult advertising carried in both the Gazette and Thanet Times its unlikely that those employed by Kent Regional News (Northcliff Media) are likely to be to kind.


  1. Perhaps the councillors who do not respond to you have concluded you are wasting people's time and are just trying to score cheap political points with your rather boring obsessive pursuit of pet subjects? Just a thought.

    And although you love the thought of being in touch with "people in power", remember that they only indulge you to suit and benefit themselves.

  2. A true statement at last, possibly from one of the chosen ? -
    'people in power'


    "people in power", remember that they only indulge you to suit and benefit themselves."

    All those that wouldn't touch these 'people in power' with a barge pole would be wise to watch this !

    Budget- Media and Demonstrations


    Remember its the people who have the 'REAL power' not these muppets

  3. 7 18 The councillor consumer test was just random, however, no surprise to me Cllr Jarvis responded when he could, and again no surprise, despite the odd leaflet from Labour telling those of us who are, nominally represented by Sandra Hart how good she is as a ward councillor, not so I think and as for Ted Watt-Ruffell, what can you expect?

  4. 1 am very upset that you have decided to take such a negative attitude towards my work in Dane Valley.

    With regards to the hoarding in Northdown Road I can assure you that my husband and his colleagues have been dealing with the matter in a very tenacious manner.

    It was because I knew the Cliftonville matter was being dealt with so efficiently by the appropriate ward councillors that I felt it was not within my remit to comment.

    However, as the proprietor of a business in Northdown Road I did make my views known at the recent Cliftonville Partenership meeting and as a result of the ward councillors (Aldred, Clark & Hart) actions and our meeting you will now note that the hoarding is being rebuilt.

    I do hope you come to understand that we (Labour) councillors are working very hard in some of the most troubled wards and that despite your obvious LibDem bias you are able to be more objective in the future.

  5. The sad thing is that you seem to get off on it.