Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Its my Birthday and I'll rant if I want to

Its my birthday so I shall not be giving one of my usual well considered analytical posts.

As it is my birthday I shall ponder over some of those matters that such a milestone prompts.

And to do it I will be using my iPhone and the Dragon voice dictation program which of all applications available is perhaps the best.

As birthdays go I've certainly had more ideal however then some will have been a lot worse, this year for instance my birthday started whilst I was out on track in the rain but at least I have some work which is better than a lot of people .

This year looks set to be tough and no doubt by the end of the day we'll get tougher as the government announce the harsh measures to rectify what they see it as a labour's incredible incompetence and poor management of the British economy .

One thought might have on the current circumstances is how the Labour party have reacted watching Alan Johnson last night being interviewed about what labour would do his reaction as shadow chancellor left a lot to be desired as his solution seems rather simplistic he seemed to be saying that the solution was to tax the banks , which of course sounds popular but then he didn't have any other suggestions on taxation and how to raise money to sort out the country's debt I am surprised that he didn't suggest doubling child benefit and reinstating the benefits to his rich pals on 50,000+and may be throwing in a £50 voucher from Marks & Spencer once a month.

If I could have a supreme birthday wish I think that it would be that the government handled the deficit differently I'm surprised that nobody has suggested that people in the public sector take pay cut for instance myself, I've probably lost 20-30% of my income in the last three years so why couldn't we see cuts of 5 to 30% across the pay scales in the public sector . This would have the effect of people maintaining their jobs, services remaining without the appalling social chaos that Mrs Thatcher caused in the 1980s, still such a thing would require unions to represent members, not the Labour party and Labour politicians, not to be so criminally irresponsible as they clearly have been.

A final rant before I go concerns the news that West Kent schools will be allowed to continue their policy which results in children in Kent not getting the education that we pay for basically as I see it three of the county schools run a selection system which results in cherry picking children from across the south-east so that they can have fantastic league table results of course this is great for the individual schools but leaves Kent children without a proper education despite the fact that the citizens of Kent are paying taxes to fund that these schools although I personally don't believe that grammar schools are the right system of education I do believe that as we paid for it should get the best of what is available and not some kids from other local authorities..

Before I go although I seem a miserable old git, I have to say that last year's birthday topped any birthday I might have, hearing for the first time that I was about to become a grandfather, anyway I appear to have a card marked grandad which I will assume has come from my beautiful grand daughter and really it doesn't get any better than that, brilliant.

Finally this has been dictated using speech recognition software and will contain the usual errors + which I know I have a dedicated readership of wannabe teachers who do like to mark my grammar well knock your selves out


  1. Happy Birthday Tony the words grand dad make your heart melt.

    I saw Alan Jonson as well and thought what a drip he is obviously picked for the job to fill in whilst they get someone with a bright idea rather than a popular one.

    I will need one of those dictating system if my MS gets any worse. sometimes when I finish typing the screen turns red and I take ages going back taking out the extra letters my shakes have put in for me. The only way to stop themis medication that makes me sleep 23 hours a day. some may think that would be an improvement as I woud't be able to bog at all. Have a good day. Don

  2. Cheers Caitlins, Cheers Don I use voice dictation cause I'm lazy and a bit dis lex ic, not that often these days but if you have vista most editions I think have a voice dictation program, which I've used in the past and is pretty good, still more often I type.

    Using voice dictation is best if you know what you want to say

  3. Happy Birthday Tony

    congratulation on becoming a granddad

    (keep an eye out for those pesky child snatchers better safe than sorry)

  4. Happy Birthday Tony, sorry it’s a bit belated, don’t think I could handle voice dictation, even if I knew what to say.

  5. (Slightly belated) Happy Birthday Tony. Well done on getting to grips with cool new technology

  6. Happy Birthday Tony, I yhought you were 24, but had had a hard life, Thanks for setting my mind at rest!!