Thursday, May 19, 2011

A subdued council

I won't go into to much detail, my overall impression was of a subdued meeting of tonight's first council, Labour were happy but not too irritatingly so, which I would ascribe to not having done as well to win but it could have been worse.

Tories are losers but not in any emphatic way, they still lead the council but not in the confident way of just a month back.

People don't necessarily appreciate the personal side of council, whilst their might be some real divide in political ideology, the council is like some big unwieldy family, however tonight evidenced much respect, friendship and acknowledgement of the positive contributions made by various officers staff and of course councillors past and present.

I was going to give more detail, but had other fish to fry (problem with the family limo). May add too later and of course more likely wont. The decrepit P A system failed so my notes are probably not too reliable anyhow my tweets from broadcast from the meeting ( I probably broke the law) are pictured below newcounciltwitter


  1. Shame that you did not get elected Tony,you always make sense,together with the three Independents you could have made a real difference.

  2. 8 33 Life goes on and last nights meeting was dignified, not a word you would generally associate with TDC .

    It would be great if the public took more interest and see for themselves that it's not all about self seeking politicians most if not all are genuinely wishing to improve thIngs even when they get it wrong.

  3. See over on the redthanet.blogspot, already receiving the attention of you know who at Thanet Life, it looks like the Tories have identified their weakest link. A Labour Cllr who puts forth his Socialist Labour views first without engaging brain and thus likely to be out of step with official party policy.

    Bodes well for some spiteful blogging but not for harmony within the council.

  4. I don't think 'you know who' is alone in wondering whether the people of Rmsgate knew what they were putting their X against when they voted

  5. Anon 12:42, I'm with you for we seem to have been landed with a hard left, former Socialist Labour Party Candidate who is ardently anti-royal, obsssed with PC slogans and uses the language of the gutter.
    Mark Nottingham was far better, but then, this new one will not be a threat to the 'leader.'