Monday, May 23, 2011

Thank you twitter, the rich and famous have just become a bit more equal

I believe in equality, fairness and honesty and so do the majority of British people not words I necessarily associate with some sections of the legal industry.
Its the case that we expect not just as a right but a matter of course, that should we be physically attacked, that the law, as enforce by the police and judged by the courts will treated pretty much, similarly irrespective of position or wealth.
Of course when it comes to reputations, there is no facade of equality, if you have the money, fine, if you don't its a case of tough tits.
Just look at some of the specimens in recent times who've attempted to side step the consequences of shabby hedonistic deceitful little lives.
The argument is often put that if a someone wishes to cheat on his partner and family it's a matter for them alone, forgetting that if you screw your nearest and dearest, then a work colleague or business partner can expect no loyalty.
The law concerning defamation is the privilege of the rich and famous who can afford to pay a lawyer a grand or two. Still its not just individuals, businesses with deep pockets are more than happy to pervert the ebb and flow of information.
Currently the media are being all high and mighty about press freedom but its worth remembering that newspapers routinely, malign the those of modest means in the knowledge that it's unlikely that those on the end of slip shod stories can get legal representation.
Perhaps defamation, the right to privacy and all these vexatious infringements on the right to express yourself ought to be treated as other offences like physical assault.
Also a sense of proportion wouldn't go amiss, how for instance could a former boss of a  bank ever consider being a called a banker offensive, maybe if he'd been called a
I'm afraid that this popular uprising against the greedy lawyers their rich and famous clients will be short lived.

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  1. There is a movie in the making about it called 'Saving Ryan's Privates.'