Thursday, January 05, 2012

Catherine Bearder MEP Meeting with Live Export Protesters

I just wonder sometimes what people, expect of their politicians, just before Christmas, Catherine Bearder Liberal Democrat, visited Ramsgate to meet with activist trying to stop the export of live animals through the port of Ramsgate.
Katherine Bearder's meeting just prior to Christmas was attended by a variety of people opposed to live animal exports, coming, as they did with differing perspectives, politics and expectations, this is a tricky subject since transporting animals halfway across Europe for profit is just wrong and part of the reason why I`ve not rushed to comment, that and having other things going on during Christmas.

Still first things, first the business in exporting live animals is without a doubt abhorrent to most of us, as I understand the argument put forward by those in farming is this, that there are simply not the facilities in this country to deal with slaughter animals for food preparation, which is something I find hard to believe, still it's difficult to actually find any facts out, as I suppose few of those involved are keen to expand further on the grim nature of their business.

As I mentioned earlier fact finding is not easy so you will have to forgive me for not having too many cluttering up this post, and hearsay is just that, such as the criminality of those involved, or the suggestion that this trade also is connected with ritual slaughter, these are things that I couldn't verify although it's clear that the middle eastern countries import live animals from as far as Australia.

It's easy to understand the intensity of emotions  by activist,  to any normal person this trade cannot be justified and particularly not for someone to make fat profits, which is why so many have signed petitions opposing the trade and why politicians from across the spectrum are adamant that things need to change. So it was good to see Labour well represented with Cllr Driver, Poole, Hart and Fenner at the Meeting with Catherine Bearder, Liberal democrat MEP for the South East, and Independent Cllr Worrow (Till recently Conservative). 
It's not easy to measure the impact of this type of meeting but as an observer I thought it worthwhile on several levels , the meeting iitself was  well reported in the media , and some of us were better informed than we had been before going into the meeting I`m sure Catherine Bearder discovered things from the activists, particularly in terms of poor enforcement of existing regulations, and no doubt the activist learnt something of the workings of the European  parliament, and me I thought how this was a good example of people working together.(photo Bill Furness, Catherine Bearder MEP & Me)

Perhaps there should be more meetings in which politicians are working towards the same aim, also as an observation, I thought Thanet's Cllr.Hart new political supremo was sincere and enthused in doing what could be done to prevent this trade continue through the port of Ramsgate. Also it's worth reminding people that outside of arena such as the printed word letters pages of the local press or blogs things are a bit  more civil as illustrated with Clive Hart  seen here shaking hands with my fellow Liberal Democrat  Bill Furness.

The petition to stop long journeys closes today, so if you hurry you can still make your displeasure known but just now the total number of signatures was 1027781.


  1. They could all start by 'maning up' and telling the truth, some are far more worried about the welfare of animals than the fate of our children or the people, and this concerns me. I am also an animal lover but they need to get their priorities right.

    And start working for the public rather than against them.

    All cruelty needs in all forms needs to be stopped.

  2. I see someone else has though Peter.

  3. I see that worrow is talking to Hart. Progressive sissy crap

  4. And what do you mean by "sissy", Anon?


  6. For clarification a sissy is defined in the Oxford dictionary as an effeminiate or cowardly person. No doubt the anon questioner is looking for some sinister meaning here, but any man could be so described without reference to his sexuality.

  7. 9 56 It seems quite clear that 12 51 is inferring a much used homophobic cliche

    So lets move on eh

  8. Catherine Bearder is well known for her stance against the trafficking of children as well as animals,I hope that she succeeds on both counts,well done Tony for yet another excellent well written thought provoken article,it is nice to see Clive Hart supporting the cause.

  9. 12.09

    Really, have you any evidence to back up your claim concerning trafficking of children by KCC for forced adoptions which she and all the others will be well aware, as this could be extremely useful ?

  10. An MP is a Warden of the "Wards" who class you as nothing more than wards of the state.

    Chosen for their ability to keep the status quo and definitively not to rock KCC "nice little earners" alot of money can be made out of trafficking.

    Far easier just to pose with a few 'animals'and keep drawing in the money.

  11. Of course he has no evidence, 12:32, other than links to dubious source articles also based on hearsay and conjecture, otherwise he would not confine himself to spreading the word to a handful of Thanet bloggers.

  12. What makes you so sure that it's a "he"?

  13. May be Catherine Bearder should get in touch with Brian Gerrish at The UK Column as another LIB MP already done. The UK Column has evidence to prove that children are being trafficked for forced adoption right across the UK, more than enough for her to back up her 'strong stance against child trafficking' from thousands of parents many from Kent including Thanet.

  14. If Hart is Tony Blair, Worrow must be Peter Mandelson - that says it all

  15. 3.24

    Of course we all know that no real facts or evidence are needed as they either make it up as they go along or its comes from dubious sources such as hearsay and conjecture.
    Which is why it is always carried out in secret family courts so that the public are prevented from understanding what is happening or worst still the sheer scale of it. And of course the first thing they do is threaten prison if you dare to speak to anyone including your own friends & family. Only a tiny minority ever give up their children voluntarily so of course can not meet the demand for babies and ever growing industry being created.

  16. Yeah, and I am off to talk to the fairies as well.

  17. 7.39

    Sounds like the best place for you.

    Or why not find out for yourself and go down to your local secret family court and speak to all the distraught families having their children torn from them although maybe you are not really interested in finding out the truth.

    Without transparent services how can we be sure that these very well paid public servants have anyone's best interests at heart other than their own.

  18. Why must Worrow be Peter Mandelson? Some people really are narrow minded.

  19. These two issues have a lot in common.

    From my research, I can assure you that the self proclaimed 'masters of the universe' are doing their utmost to split us off into a separate species.

    They are changing us genetically, spiritually and biologically.

    They are also rewriting their laws to include us with "other animals".

    The human brain has frontal lobes, which distinguishes us from "other animals", but airborne (chemtrail) nanotech vaccines, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, have the ability to lobotomise and nullify that distinction.

    They think no more of us, than we think of those calves going abroad to be fattened up for slaughter.

    Think about it.

  20. Actually the fairies made a lot more sense than the last comment so I will stick with them.

    As to the person who said it was the best place for me, I quite agree. Anywhere away from the conspiracy nutters. There used to be a good place for you lot along Haine Road until they pulled it down.

  21. Pearls of wisdom before swine 9:49.

    Good methods to counter the onslaught:

    Fresh colloidal silver, inhaled through a nebuliser, takes on single-celled viruses and bacteria, also repairs damaged tissue.

    Xeolite, a volcanic ash, the medicinal grade of which will remove heavy metals and other foreign rubbish. Used successfully to treat child victims of Chernobyl.

    Spirulina, a blue-green algae superfood, is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and antioxidants, all of which make it highly beneficial as an anti-aging, anti-cancer, and super-detoxifying miracle food. Also used successfully to treat child victims of Chernobyl.

  22. Maybe we should bring Brian back to Kent again and invite Catherine Bearder and others who take a 'strong stance on child trafficking' to attend as no MP's or councillors bothered to turn up last time.

    Even those 'off with the fairies' might learn something.Those in positions of 'power' should be ensuring the truth comes out not preventing it.

    Brian Gerrish Talk - "Honey have you checked the kids? - The political attack on our children"

  23. Nuts, whole hazel nuts, Cadburys take them and they cover them with chocolate. IF ONLY!

  24. Its not only the animals we should be worried about

    Secret justice: How Cameron and Clegg vowed to hand back our liberties but are instead planning illiberal changes to justice system

    May 2010, Prime Minister David Cameron promised it would be ‘committed to civil liberties and curbing the power of the state’.

    Nick Clegg added that after years of Labour authoritarianism, theirs would be a government ‘that hands you back your liberties’.

    Now, however, almost unnoticed, this same Government is planning to enact highly illiberal changes to the justice system.

    If, as Mr Cameron intends, they become law later this year, the consequences will be an unprecedented growth of secret hearings in both civil court cases and inquests; to deny ordinary citizens the ancient Common Law right to challenge evidence against them; and to make it far more difficult to call wrongdoing by government agencies to account.

  25. How much more secret can it get than secret star chamber courts posing as family courts ?

    Looks like the rest of joe public is going to find out exactly what its been like for families up against these authorities. Cant say they haven't been warned.

  26. Man or other animals

    Good point !

    Wonder if there was any links or connections in Kent with children trafficking to this ?

    GlaxoSmithKline Forced Illiterate Parents Into Signing Over Children in Illegal Vaccine Experiments

    Hundreds of jobs go at Glaxo site

  27. Glaxo is a Murdoch company, n'est ce pas?

    By God, it's encouraging to know that such a mossad operative, ahem, benevolent public figure is so concerned about our health.

  28. Chatting with the fairies down the mushroom ring last night and they told me about some gnomes who steal children to work in a bubble gum factory. Apparently the cabinet, HM and KCC, including the Association of Chief Police Officers are well aware of this dastardly plot but turn a blind eye to it.

    One rather brave lower ranking officer who suggested something should be done to properly nick the gnomes, was turned into a frog. Living in Thanet, the poor sod has little or no chance of being kissed by a princess and a peck from the mayor, Iris, did not work. Seemingly he is condemned to live in a pond for the foreseeable future.

    The chancellor did, however, show a bit of gumption and turned down the gnomes claim for child benefit and child tax credit. Ed Balls thinks this is discrimination against a minority group and constitues an offence under the Equalities Act. He is meeting with the TUC today who may well ballot the gnomes for strike action.

    Watch this space for developments.

  29. Catherine probably already knows that KCC is an abbreviation thought by many and rightly so to stand for;

    Kidnapping Child Criminals

    The question on many lips is what is she/others going to do about it ?

  30. Breaking news - Of the 307 gnomes, seventeen voted in the ballot with eight of those in favour of strike action. Their union, TGFEA, The Gnomes, Fairies and Elves Association, have called the strike for next Monday claiming overwhelming support.

    The TUC are giving this action their full backing and Ed Milliband will not condemn it. A leading Tory, the BBC report, has excited the Equalities Commission by referring to the gnomes as vertically challenged. He is yet to be named, but rumour has it that it was the Speaker!

  31. Thought it would be the other way round - the leading Tory getting excited by the gnomes. Or perhaps spending too much time in the Mushroom Ring, over-indulging, then jumping into his little pixie car and being stopped my Mr Plod.

  32. He was, anon, but transpired they were both members of the same Elfin lodge, exchanged funny handshakes and went on their way.

  33. Lets hope that the MP's including Catherine and the media all switch on a listen to this tonight should be very interesting listening not for the few who are paid to keep their heads buried firmly in sand and prefer to keep the truth hidden.

    SET YOUR CLOCKS Bill Maloney's going to be on Genesis Radio tonight between 7-9pm with an announcement that some will love and some with loathe ;) it would be good if friends (and foe!) could tune in and share the link with your contacts.
    Have a good day from us all at Pie and Mash.

  34. Not Genesis Radio, my that is getting the message out to the masses.

  35. Yes you bet it is it may have escaped you how many countries are listening to this radio station I make sure it goes international, whole of the commonwealth, Asia, and Europe to mention just a few, the australians specially. Pity I could not get through on the phone as it was so busy I have plenty to tell and names to expose.

  36. This is what they really have in mind for all children and its very sick. They have a very common purpose agenda NLP, so what chance does any trafficked child stand.

    BBC sex education video 'is like porn': MP criticises explicit material and use of naked men in film for nine-year-old pupils

  37. Wonder what Kent MPs especially those that pertain to have a strong stance on child trafficking make of this, breaking of the law by KCC ?

    Should be interesting to see what bull they come up with to try to keep the truth hidden.

    Kent non-compliance with FOI Act

    There is nothing worse or more wicked than the theft of children everyone should be up in arms and demand that the corrupt secret courts rescind all unlawful forced adoption contracts and return all the children and authorities sued for damages.

  38. I really do despair when I read all of the claptrap that has been posted and how far away from the informative blog the posters have drifted.
    From the outset comments drift away to priorities and slowly descend to the usual insults being bandied around,always anonymous,so typical of armchair politicians,you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    14:00 The campaigners have not asked TDC or any of their officers to devote their time to this issue and ignore everything else that is happening in the area,it is not a case of prioritising anything but to give all issues equal attention and the export trade is bad,not only for the animals but for the reputation of the town which is gaining countrywide notoriety.

  39. Ann Adley

    Many despair at your clap trap and futile attempt at trying to belittle very serious concerns that have been kept hidden for far too long.

    The "export trade is bad" but never more so than when it involves children. All elected members are corporate parents and should be doing their job in making sure that this is fully exposed and not kept buried.

    Kent, not just the town is well known for its notoriety and has a reputation as the child snatching capital of the UK .

  40. What is all this talk about with child trafficking and KCC? I've not really been paying attention...

  41. Anon:I don't disagree with you but why hijack a blog that has nothing to do with it?

    If you don't have a comment to make relating to the blog that has been written why post at all?

  42. No James, you've been too busy conniving with your Tory friends - have they been telling you what to do and say I wonder? - over Worrow, and working to discredit him.

  43. Well if Ann Adley agrees but is far more concerned with 'hijacking' than trafficking and James Maskell has only just woken up which I very much doubt, it says it all really.

    No wonder the country is in the state its in, ignorance is bliss.

  44. I'm in agreement with Ann. Why highjack every bloody thread on here? Can't you start your own conspiracy theary blog instead? It's people like you that keep so many people from posting on here.

  45. anon 1.33

    I agree with the other posters why are some so bothered about the truth coming out about whats happening in Thanet & KCC obviously they have got a lot to hide and probably are the ones who benefit from keeping it hidden. Keep on shining the light of truth, only cockroachs and lies love to hide in the dark.