Thursday, January 19, 2012

Channel 4 News - Are these people real

Just an idle thought about media bods, watching the channel four news last night (Wednesday) , I couldn't help noticing the gulf between what I consider normal in the current job market and the seeming unfamiliarity of the presenter of last night's channel four news.

Unemployment is a miserable existence, it isn't just money, work or not working defines you, it's a the thing that makes you belong or not, outside of the underclass workshy bludgers, most of us prefer to work.

Watching Jon Snow, interviewing a young man who having graduated from university last summer with a degree in archaeology and has yet to find a full time job, although he has had several temporary jobs, maybe I got the newsman wrong but Snow seemed somewhat surprised at the state of the jobs market.

Anyway if you didn't see it, here's how I recall some of the interview, Jon Snow "I gather you even got to selling Christmas trees?" a question in style and  tone which I thought would be more appropriate had the subject been involved in drug dealing or people trafficking.

Subject "yes, yes Christmas I sold Christmas trees"  

Jon Snow still reeling from the depths to which people can sink "When you were sitting your archaeology degree you can hardly have thought, you'd end up digging up Christmas trees"

And then this from Mr Snow "How difficult is it for you, as somebody who has now been through 7 or 8 months of not having a proper job?" now I appreciate many of you will be in a steady job, following a conventional career path, or retired and out of the game but come on, millions in this country perpetually work on temporary contracts, I just wonder what world media bods inhabit.

Jon Snow will be down in these parts at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate, at the end of the month having been given the honour of opening "Turner and the elements" exhibition, this I understand will be an exclusive soiree with art/media industry wallahs, the monied classes, perhaps he could, spend an hour or two outside the media bubble and do some research while he down this way and see how ordinary people exist.

Reference was made to getting a "proper job", assuming this means secure ongoing employment, this is something that is disappearing for much of the workforce, the only part of the economy immune is the public sector, its a worry the news presenter seemed so unfamiliar with how things are, perhaps one question that Snow could have asked the former student, harsh but relevant why archaeology? why not something a bit more appealing to employers?  To anyone looking for work, my advice is to take anything going.

PS Yet to graduate from the University of Life, what do I know, which might explain why I only expect to make it through to the end of my next shift.


  1. Media types haven't got a clue its easy to judge when your sitting pretty yourself. Normal people in the street have at least have common sense and can see right through them.


  2. Too true Tony, I can't stand listening to Jon Snow and his ilk.
    They don't live in the real world anymore(if they ever did)and seem totally aloof and removed from most everyday problems people face.

    I remember when he made a big deal out of not wearing a poppy on tv because he didn't feel he should be forced to wear one.

  3. You touch on a very important subject here. The political and media establishment are totally detached from how most people live. They only mix with people who have had the same experiences and who hold the same views. How do you solve this problem? I have no idea. Classism is a far more serious problem in our society than racism. That's because most of the time people don't realise it exists - that's how embedded it is.

  4. Get on board for the big win folks, the system is coming down! The people are determined, the momentum is unstoppable.

    Unless they shape up, Jon Snow and his ilk will soon find that silver spoon protuding from another orifice.

    In the meantime, if you want to earn some money and have some fun, why not have a go at this project?

    Go on, you know it makes sense.

  5. Yes Clarkey the Spaniard is well known in Kent did you go to his talk at the Kent Freedom Movement ?

    The faster everyone wakes up to the deception and corrupt system run by crooks the better for everyone. A few commercial liens slapped on them should sort them all out.

  6. Heres a link to a commercial lien going through right now.

  7. For anyone else who is interested in learning the truth

  8. They are trying to ensure that there is only state controlled media which is why they have blackouts on the news called D Notices etc