Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kent Watch - Crazy Boris Island Back On

With the government pushing ahead plans to build a high speed rail link at the bargain price of £32 billion, so that you can have the dubious pleasure of arriving in Birmingham 20 minutes earlier than currently, it's no surprise that the same government are to launch a consultation to build a new estuary airport in North Kent.

Many of us thought that this crazy idea was dead and buried, but hey London elects eccentrics, Boris Johnson a man who cannot steer a brush through his hair, has a vision of how to navigate Britains future air transport policy, and unfortunately people like the Prime Minister presumably take him seriously but since the both attended Eton (a special school for rich kids) you can understand the connections.

Obviously big business is in favour of pouring tons of concrete into the Thames Estuary ignoring any environmental concerns that may exist and of course for people in North Kent the chance of jobs is not easily dismissed, still as someone who travels into London frequently on inadequate roads, I just wonder what the effect of switching the millions of people currently using Heathrow Airport on to the A2, Dartford Crossing or my favourite the Blackwall Tunnel would be.

Anyone who lives in London will be aware of the constant noise generated by air traffic, it starts around 5am and continues all day, which is something that will be noticeable all along the North Kent coast, and will be considerably more irritating than opponents of Manston could expect from  a regional airport such as we have here in Thanet.

Still consultation or no if big business wants an airport, it will happen, take the highspeed London-Birmingham  line at 32billion, which is probably just the starting price and the only benefit would be a few people arriving minutes earlier into Birmingham, while millions of commuters are packed like cattle into commuter trains throughout London and the South East.

If Boris Johnson lived in a village I'm sure a job could be found for him, although I suppose Mayor of London suits his unique character, just a pity he can't keep out of Kent.


  1. This is exactly why some of us are backing award winning film director's Bill Maloney from pienmash films challenge in standing for Mayor of London, he will get these arrogant pompous Eton types removed from office.

    Bill has the support of the people and connections to Kent. what he doesnt have is the morals of an alley cat or the backbone of a jellyfish as most of elected professional jobsworth politicians do.

  2. If we don't get rid of the Boris Brigade we will just get more of this madness. Bill Maloney likes this lot even less.

    New royal yacht proposal backed by David Cameron .

    Prime minister throws weight behind £60m-project despite protests that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill.

  3. Anonymous & Tony

    We need more runways and aircraft capacity in the South East. Manston isn't an option so what's your solution?

  4. Why isn't Manston an option?

  5. Air travel is dying on its feet.

  6. |Jeremy What sort of option is 50 billion to concrete marsh land in north kent.

    The transport infrastructure is at capacity for those of us going to work.

    Perhaps more attention to sorting out what we already have might be cheaper and more efficient.

    With a population reaching an unsustainable 70million do we need easier access, frankly it is completely bonkers

    The new "hub" argument is so much bollix unless Heathrow is to be closed.

  7. All the great minds of Thanet seem fairly united on this one. God help us all.

  8. I'm certainly against all of these high speed links. Instead they should be reopening old regional lines such as The Elham Valley Way and the Sheppey Railway.

  9. And bring back the penny farthing and the man with the red flag in front of cars,

  10. No just bring back The Street Politicians

  11. No Peter, we want the real independents not pretendy ones. For those that missed it, listen to what a real one sounds like.

    Bill Maloney for London Mayor - Genesis Radio

  12. I once read somewhere and this must have been over nine years ago. There is aplan on the drawing board to balance out the environmental impact if the island is constructed. The land behind the sea wall at minnis bay/ reculver would be returned to wetland removing the current sea wall and a new sea wall built further inland. This would allow wet land birds from the areas affected by the aircraft to relocate further along the coast.

  13. I think the high speed link is not about the London to Birmingham route. It is about moving from one of the country to the other. A journey from Dover to the Midlands or from the Euro star link to the Midlands will be shorter plus there will be a quicker changeover times.

  14. Its all about one Eton tory supporting the bid of another to be re-elected as mayor of London. Improper use of public funds. What are the libdems doing to support their man?

    So once the election is over the agenda will change.

    HS2 is not just to reduce journey times to Birmingham but its also to appease those in Scotland so that they can get to England a lot faster.

  15. And with independence a possibility, they may well need to, or, of course, us going the other way!

  16. Lets hope they dont try to stop Bill Maloney we dont want the likes of Boris having any say in Kent.

    Cant remember the last time we heard of an honest politician being elected let alone a Lord Mayor of London

    Award winning London Filmmaker Runs for Mayor

    I represent the every-day GOOD PEOPLE of London!

    I represent the VOICE that screams for the down-trodden and the deceived

    I represent Fair Play for all

    I don't represent the Government

    I don't represent the Crown
    I don't represent the Police
    I don't represent the Banks
    I don't represent the Corporations
    I don't represent the Lawyers
    I don't represent Local Councils

    I don't represent old worn out systems

    I represent the Humanitarian Power that is bringing peace and freedom, not just to London but to all corners of the planet who have been dominated by unfair play.

    It is your vote that will help to instigate this pledge - the gloves are off!