Sunday, January 01, 2012


The BBC certainly knows how to welcome the new year with a seasonal episode of Eastenders as character Pat Butcher's death is milked for every nuance of misery know to dramatists, half way through the final appearance, its going to be grim as the BBC can make it, including being evicted even as the last few breaths are taken.

Happy New year everybody!


  1. Predictive programming. These soaps are written by teams of psychologists, aiming to steer the collective public psyche.

    They are clearly preparing us for evictions and an increase in premature deaths for 2012.

    Throw out the telly, it's your only hope.

  2. Pat should have tried this site:

  3. Even with a poor Labour leader, the Libdems have made no progress in the national polls over the last year, they still record a dismal 9% which translates to needing a mini bus rather than a Routemaster to carry them.
    If the Libdems carry on the same in government they will soon fit into a taxi.

    As for tax reductions to help the poor and increases for pensioners, Bill may recall that the additional tax allowance for the over 65's was reduced wiping out the increase in basic allowance.