Monday, July 30, 2012

Police commissioners who needs them?

The answer controversially is we do, we need someone awkward enough to tell, Kent's senior police officers when things are clearly in need of improvement, now don't get me wrong I'm not anti police as a default position but there have been times in the last few years, when I've thought who holds our Kent police to account, when things go wrong.

Well some would say that the Kent police authority, has held that role, and I would say that rather than a regulator, they've acted more like a fan club or supporters club. On the whole Kent police officers are as far as I can tell, in the main honest people doing a tough job, not a career many of us would be suited.

Still from time to time, there have in my opinion been times, when Kent police have got things badly wrong, such as heavy handed treatment at the climate camp, at Northfleet, a few years ago,along with other questionable occurrences.

It is my impression that over my years, of looking at events in Kent, that on the odd occasion Kent police, have shown themselves to have let us down, no big deal really, but I just wonder if members of the police authority, have ever held the chief constable to account, in any serious way, such that the post holder has had consider revising their CV.

It's fair to say that, as it has been reported in the local press, there is little public awareness, that in November, elections will take place for the new PCC position. Interestingly for me came news last week, that the current head of the police authority Anne Barnes, who has after devoting some considerable criticism of new police and crime commissioner role, has now decided to become a candidate.

Still my biggest criticism, of the current police authorities, is the question of what do they actually do, back last year I wrote how Kent police had concluded that thirty percent of reported rapes were in fact non crime, it seemed rather an extraordinary idea that almost one in three women would, go to their local police station to report a fictitious rape.

I think at the time, this was met with some disbelief in the community and yet as far as I can tell the police authority did nothing, apart from forget about it, Kent on Sunday, this weekend highlighted the lack of interest in the police crime commissioner on the front page and sadly reporting a ten percent rise in sexual offenses, could all this be related?

Maybe it's a question Anne Barnes could answer during her campaign for the commissioners job?

Finally if any one has a few grand to spare I wouldn't mind standing myself.


  1. There is a vast difference between a police constable and a police officer who is nothing more than a policy enforcement officer.

    Too many paid controlled thugs operating within the latter for my liking.

    50 police officers arrested in child porn raids

    1. No doubt they were all "doing research".

    2. You would be surprised to see the total of child porn offenders in this small area of Thanet. In the early eighties there were no fewer than 9 homes on one estate in St Peters who were running a kiddies sex abuse ring. I'd hate to hear the amount that is going on in Thanet today.

  2. I am supprised you are not complaining that the way the coallition is demanding a £5000 deposit for this election is not democratic. Its only the political parties, if you are rich or have rich friends can you afford to stand. And its just not the deposit you will need to find, its all the expenses as well.

    1. 15 16, Good point it is rather scandalous that the subliminal message when police and crime commissioners was first mooted suggested that the British public would be treated to an array of outstanding and inspirational individuals, what we've actually got is a ragbag of westminster wannabes and relics who have a bit of pull with their local party hierarchy.

      Personally I think that my party should have got involved.

      The bar has been to high, and will certainly suit the usual suspect s.

  3. Leading article - the police cannot police themselves.

    I have direct experience of this cover up and retirement culture.

    The amount that have retired to try and escape sanction in my case could fill the east wing of any sizable retirement home....

  4. Many are looking forward to the out come to this and no doubt Kent boys in blue wont be.

    Two police officers accused of kidnap in private prosecution

    District judge issues summons in case brought by man who claims police unlawfully entered home and forcibly removed him

  5. On Tuesday, 12th June 2012, there was a meeting at the Central Methodist Hall, Westminster, London. This meeting was billed as one to define "Police Accountability in 2012".

    On the other side of the road (Storeys Gate) a demonstration was held, initiated by Michael Doherty. During that demonstration, the Right Hon. Member for Wrekin, Mark Prichard, made a short speech. In that speech he called for the abolition of the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission).

    A couple of weeks prior to this, there had been another demonstration (again organised by Michael Doherty), outside the IPCC, calling for its abolition. This seemed to result in the Minister for Home Affairs, Keith Vaz, telling the BBC that there would be an Inquiry held, in order to assess the functionality of the IPCC.

    That is all fine & dandy … as far as it goes.

    But there are a number of problems with a motion to "abolish the IPCC".

    First of all, the IPCC is only a small cog in a fairly large wheel designed to block one's access to honourable Justice.

    Secondly, the question arises: If the IPCC is abolished, then what replaces it?

    And the answers to all of this is: It's not just the IPCC that needs to go … the whole mechanisms for road-blocking need to go … of which the IPCC is only a small part. The entire gamut of road-clocking mechanisms need to be replaced by a "non-road-blocking mechanism".

    And we are fortunate that the necessary mechanism once existed, and could easily exist again.

    This is because Parliaments create "Legislation" ... they don't create "Law".

    And the reason for this situation is that PARLIAMENTS ARE CREATED UNDER THE COMMON LAW - AND ARE THEREFORE ALWAYS SUBSERVIENT TO THE COMMON LAW. Therefore they can't "create Law". Only Juries and Statements of Truth (Affidavits) can create Law.

  6. disgusting abuse by the defacto government & corrupt judiciary /police this must be stopped

    'Virtual' courts rolled our across Kent

    1. Well we only have virtual justice, so why not virtual mickey mouse courts?

  7. The private corporations touting their services in the public aka Kent Police FORCE must have their bullying tactics stopped. The police should never have been allowed to police themselves nor should they be used for the sole purpose of protecting corporate property and revenue collection.

    Maidstone Police Fail + Analysis - 28/07/12 (Part 1)

    Police arrest for failing to give details

  8. Who Polices The Police?

    The answer is THEY DO and are accountable to no one.

  9. Oh no a mystery blaze

    This was the home of Mr Shortt. He attends an annual function in London called "Russian Summer Ball". Dining there with Thanet worthies such as former leader of Kent Adventure Training Corps Clive Richards (Ramsgate RBL).

    Things haven't been favouring poor Mr Shortt in recent years. In 2009 Private Eye exposed him as bogus former SAS. And he was sacked as consultant on Cabinet bunker security.

    But wasn't it 1981 when eminent (Korean war hero) Brigadier Harvey reported to MI5 concerns that military training activity, based in deal RM Barracks, had no Crown authority (Each offence carried seven years imprisonment)and that this paramilitary training was linked to the "Unsuitable right wing in Kent " ??

    Would that be the IRA supportive right wing group League of Saint George I wonder ?

    Did this group have, how to put this delicately, "Certain editorial sympathy" in Thanet local press ?

    What happened as a result of Brigadier Harvey's complaint Kent Police ?

    Echoing down the years to 97. Kent Police Authority called on Chief constable for inquiry and report. The history of Deal barracks security and complaints, keyholder history, handling of security warnings given before the 22.9.89 IRA bombing that killed 11 Royal Marines and paramilitary training based in Kent (and using Kent gun ranges)

    Isn't this your point Tony ? Chief constable simply refused to account to his own Police Authority.

    The Home Secretary Jack Straw refused to compel the report called for by KPA.

    Well Kent Police were doing such a fine job investigating Met handling of the Stephen Lawrence case. And matters like alleged Croydon links between the Deal Barracks case and Met CID on the Lawrence case ...... not helpful to the Home Secretary ambitious to make his mark by cajoling the myth of institutionalized racism into bogus reality.

    Apart from which the cost cutting security weakening civilianization of barracks security involved a high flyer MOD civil servant Mrs Jack Straw ?

    With suspect quids pro quo in the air, Jack straw refused to compel the inquiry into paramilitary collusion in Kent.

    So who better to deploy on the high profile Rosemary Nelson murder case in Ulster ? You got it Kent Chief constable to reassure everyone that inquiries into paramilitary collusion aspects of murders would be fully investigated.

    However Sir Ronnie Flanagan Chief constable RUC got to hear about the KPA call for paramilitary collusion inquiries in Kent. Indeed his Chief Staff Officer contacted the Home Office to expedite a position. Jack Straw decided on cover up and ?? Kent Chief constable toddled home no longer on the Rosemary Nelson case.

    Then what happens ? Well the Canadian General de Chasterlain headed the Arms Decommissioners disraming paramilitary groups under the Good Friday Agreement.

    And he checks his terms of ref to see if he can deploy to Kent to investigate Kent Police history of firearms cert issues and paramilitary activity at Kent Gun Ranges.

    By sheer coincidence as De Chasterlain made a report of concern to the Northern Ireland Office ... sacre bleu but the Home Office needed on the instant Kent Chief constable to quit and take a civilian role in privatized police training.

    And Kent Chief constable left without notice.

    Then in came Mike Fuller and deja vu ... a Labour minister (Baroness Scotland) in due course needed him civilianized in a hurry.

    The state gets to appoint police over us. But only via the people loaning them the power by defaulting on holding parish elections to select constables. The Home Office tries to argue that the people cannot take back this power to elect Crown officers. They argue that Special constables fulfill the rights of the people (even though we don't get to vote for them either)

    Apparently we will be able to vote for commissioners who will hold no Crown Authority on our behalf ? Con missioner?