Thursday, July 19, 2012

Toxic South Thanet Labour Website?

Shock Horror, having been too busy/bored to post just recently I thought I'd check through comments etc. only to find that my browser would not allow me to view Bignews Margate.

My browser Chrome, warned me that a link on my webpage "contains content from, a site known to distribute malware.

No doubt this is some sort of glitch and I have now removed the link from this site.

Still I was considering a post not on malicious software but the malicious actions of the Public and Commercial Services Union who have selfishly called a strike to disrupt boarder services, the day before the Olympics, and why? presumably to blackmail the government into a list of outrageous demands to allow it's 250,000 members to continue to bleed the taxpayers dry. 

I could go on but what's the point public sector workers will continue their quest to suck the life blood out of the economy and taxpayers will continue to pray that one day, that public sector gets paid for what their worth.


  1. Until a government finally has the courage to legislate that a strike ballot to be lawful must have more than 50% of the membership in favour, this blackmail will go on.

    With this proposed one, only 20% bothered to vote and only 57% of those supported strike action. In other words, just 11.4% of the membership voted in favour of strike action and that is supposed to be a mandate.

  2. I expect souththanetlabour will be blaming the Tories for the malware

  3. As you say Tim its "Malware" nothing to do with being "Toxic", that comes from "Toxins".
    With an Assistant Border Agency officer geting £8 per hour and a Senior Border Agency officer getting £11 I am suprised they are striking to save their jobs and get more money. They could get more by comming to Thanet and signing on. They could have got the same money by applying to G4S and working as a security guard or prisoner escort. Its amazing that somebody signed a G4S contract for £300 millions for 13500 staff. They are only paying £8 per hour so total pay for each month of engagement will be about £25 million. Who is pocketting the rest?