Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Security scare - Intruder escapes

For the second time, in a just over a week, a brazen intruder, has breached security here at Flaig Mansions, last week Mrs Me's viewing of Corrie, was rudely interrupted when a fox cub strolled into dining room, hesitating, as it considered whether to catch up on the soaps or take a look-see at the contents of the kitchen, when challenged it strolled toward patio door, pausing with the arrogance and attitude of youth, and a look which could have been interpreted as,  "what are you going to do granddad?"

Since then Mrs Me has had at first one slipper go missing, followed by the second, from near the patio door, initially Missy the cat was in the frame, since she has considerable form, no respecter of property often borrowing small items of clothing from the airer, and regularly the dish cloth, in an act of wanton defiance.

fox at door 
Last night 20:44, the fox cub, once again had to be ejected, when caught, on what I take to have been a social call, since it appears to have struck up a relationship with Missy, I just hope the fox is not grooming Missy until it gets hungry and Missy gets a bit bigger.

Missy looks on as the fox leaves

I've no big problem with people feeding foxes but it does encourage them to enter peoples homes and although rare, there are reports of these animals attacking young children.


  1. Lovely post Tony I am of the old school that foxes are to be kept away from property, as a boy we used to loose chicken to the fox and the sight after a fox has been in the hen house stays with you for life.

  2. Thanks Don, as you'll appreciate only the big stories on this blog nothing trivial!

  3. Buy youself a red coat or for proper advice contact the Fox Project org. They have a web site or call their Fox Deterrence Helpline on 01892 826222