Sunday, May 19, 2013

Whats wrong with swivel eyed loons?

Frankly I prefer them to the establishment freeloaders, who've complacently accepted the erosion of British sovereignty, by the EU. The reference to swivel eyed loons of course is purposely offensive and calculated to stigmatise, undermining reasonable argument.

I can recall a time when I like most in Britain was sold on a common market, which was as far as I can recall was the term used to describe the early EU, which back in the day seemed an almost benign harmless organisation, with minimal corruption, the only glaring outrage at that time was the lunatic arrangement the French insisted on, that the European Parliament meet 12 times a year in Strasbourg. Anyhow at the time I suppose Enoch Powell, actually was a swivel eyed loon.

In the time since we joined, it is hard to say what benefit, has derived from membership, I know that as a British taxpayer it has been my privilege to subsidise much of Europe and for what. Yes there are benefits to membership but these are often restricted to the mainland, travel across boarders without a passport, the European working time directive limiting hours worked, the Euro.

I'm clearly no expert on the benefits of Europe, the arguments were entirely plausible as a kid, now as I stumble toward sixty, it doesn't look so good, I live in a country that has no interest in it's own people, and such has been the economic benefit of membership, that British governments are going to allow me the privilege of working probably into my late sixties, alright if you sit on your a*rse in parliament or in a cushy public sector job, not sure about those of us manual workers.

Anyhoo I've as open a mind as any, perhaps since we've heard the argument of UKIP and others on whats wrong with Europe, maybe those with their snouts in the Euro trough, could give us a referendum, allowing us plebes to confirm our allegiance to our glorious leader Angela Merkel.

The British Government are only too willing to put our service men an women at risk, for democracy in Afghanistan, a country lawless, still in the stone age, in which half the population are automatically abused  because they happen to be women.

Unless we have a referendum, frustration will just grow, and if all those apologists for Brussels based corruption, have a convincing argument, then a referendum is the process to answer critics.

Finally all this may be academic since I recall Charles Kennedy pointed out on Question time this week, the United Kingdom may well be finished, if Scots decide to go it alone, apparently intending to walk away from their share of the national debt and steal British north sea oil. How come the Scots can decide their future and yet the UK cannot?

PS How about a campaign for democracy in the United Kingdom? No of course not that would only disturb all those inbred public school types that run our lives.


  1. The "Erosion of Sovereignty" began in 1944. With planning to remove some of our defence capability/planning from loyalty to the Crown (The people and the monarch).

    When we vote ourselves out of Europe we will then have to re-establish the English constitution.

    It was the English (in the Anglo Saxon form) who came up with the concept that law should be founded on rights and duties of individual peace. Which today translates as "The queens Peace"

    Officers of the Queens Peace are Justices and Constables. Their authority is from us the people and they are NOT servants or employees of government.

    It is this Crown authority which is supposed to be our bulwark against dictatorial govt.

    If we go independent, and Simon Moores only redeeming feature is his consistency in arguing economic realities, then we can do an India and China to the EU. Undercut their labour costs having thrown off their pedantic regulation.

    We lost world lead in technology in the 19th century at the time we introduced compulsory (Dumb down) state education. We need to narrow the curriculum cast off pseudo subjects (like media studies) and pursue excellence to start towards being a contender at world technology and science levels.

  2. Does Richard Card have swivel eyes?

  3. Anonymous 11:52,

    I wonder who you are for I can agree with thrust of what you say.

  4. Gosh. Chippy rants about public schools, cushy public sector jobs, and media types on Bignews Margate? How frightfully novel!

    1. Says ex public schoolboy and anonymous media type