Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Sunday ramble in Margate

Sorry for the ramble, as a rule I leave this up to others but I have not been around Margate old town or indeed the High Street so I was much please to see that much has improved since my last stroll around the town.

Particularly impressive apart from the Joke shop and more gallery/gift shops which is the real spin off from Turner, a new hotel (Sands Hotel) which looked smart tidy and of high standard, secondly a new cocktail/restaurant Rickus were I and Mrs Me enjoyed very good lunch with top service and at a reasonable price.

Also I see that the new sea defences/steps are proving a popular seating area for just taking in the ambience, and on a sour note I noticed Labour using it recently as a photo oppotunity as if they've done much if anything for the area, anyway in the manner of Michael Child here's some photos.


  1. I'd hardly call The Joke Shop a "spin off from Turner". It has been in Margate for decades, and only moved from Arlington Square because all the shops were closed by Freshwater. Otherwise I agree, the lower High Street and the steps are looking good (just don't go through the shopping arcade off of Cecil Square, it's like a war zone!).

  2. We want to get down and see the new sea defences I have driven past and seen all the people on them. I must say things do seem to be improving and it was nice to see the beaches packed on Sunday, we went round to Westbrook beach and it was busy. Seing as it is St. Swithins day lets hope the fact it isn't raining means forty more fine days.

    1. Don, as ever it is good to see you looking on the bright side. On Michael's blog the usual whinge fraternity are claiming the beaches were deserted and attacking anyone who suggests otherwise.

      With you on the St Swithins day hope for a proper summer over the school holidays. It would be nice for a change. Some, however, will complain about the heat and demand action from TDC to do something about it.