Monday, July 29, 2013

1801 + 14241

Blogging how hard can it be, think of a subject and add some words, easy, the right words, grammar and punctuation, is the tortuous part.  I have opinions on most topics.

Israel for instance, yesterday I listened to BBC's Last Word, a programme featuring obits of significant people, who've pegged out, in the last week, the first subject was Helen Thomas, a well respected Washington Journalist, who commenting on Israel said this "There no real freedom of speech in this country(USA) if you mention Israel" which I believe is sadly true, in the news today, talks are to restart concerning Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine, will they resolve anything, will Israel stop abusing Palestinians, will they commit further war crimes, what do you think, for myself Israel has a right to exist but not to abuse it's neighbours, admittedly it's not a terrorist state in the way, we in the western world understand, since it's unlikely to attack us, whereas their enemies are.

The Royal birth, I honestly don't recognise the nation as described by the media, good luck to the Windsors and baby,  but please could the BBC and Sky News quit it, with all the sycophantic reportage, the nation celebrates!, er, no they don't, most of us have a mild interest, significant numbers in our community and work life, have little or no attachment to this country. Society has changed, I assume that, the elite that control output of broadcast news live in a bubble, people who are insulated, the sort that celebrate not only royal births but multiculturalism although they probably don't encounter either. I work pretty much daily in London, the cultural centre of our British nation I'd be surprised if  more than half those I see on the streets can even speak English, maybe there's an oasis somewhere which replicates the sort of world presented in the 1944 film "This Happy Breed" 

Another issue that I could blog on, is the outrage in some quarters, caused by the Home Office publicising the suggestion that illegal immigrants should go home, in one article in the Sunday Times an outraged lady accepts that there maybe a million plus such people but clearly thinks to mention it, is rude and no doubt racist ,I couldn't read the whole damn thing.

Anyway thanks for taking the trouble to read this far, I've the day off, I'm frankly bewildered by the propagandist nature of current media, and the lack of honesty or representation of normal opinion. Britain has been overwhelmed by "liberal" commentators, who justify the crazy social change which effects our daily lives, one local item of news is the continuing strain on school places, in Kent a story apparently promoted  by Labour, caused I suspect by newly arrived from europe.

Finally this is the posting number 1801 according to blogger,thank you for the 14241 comments agreeing or disagreeing and the handful of death threats etcetera, once I've published this I will later go back and add subtract commas words to make some sense of it all. 


  1. Fair points which needed saying. You are far from alone in your views.

    1. Well said 15:43, foreign tax scroungers like the Von Windsors are trying it on. The sooner all their hereditary Duchy of Cornwall etc income is provided to the State and taxed the better.

    2. Limiting the Royals to say 10 of them on £100k each and a palace from the Civil List would be OK and the rest can go get jobs.

    3. Any thoughts on the KCC Royalty Tone? Deputy King with 4 chauffeur drivers on standby and 700 hours of lunches etc? Thanet KCC councillors using them too?

  2. Replies
    1. They threw Ezra Pound in the nuthouse, too.

  3. Lionel Rothschild The FifthTuesday, 30 July 2013 at 11:31:00 BST

    Bluddy 'ell Tone, 'ave you swallowed some troof serum or summink?

    Feels good doesn't it? Well done mate!

    You are absolutely correct sir; Israel, the mainstream media, the 'Windsors'...

    ... all a bunch of worthless parasites, whose days are numbered.

    This guy provides some good analysis of, shall we say, not quite kosher events,

    enjoy ;-)

  4. The people of Israel are as much victims of an out of control regime as any other people, but their ruling class are all about terrorism and stirring up trouble, it was one of the reasons for that nation's creation and is why they are armed to the teeth. I think the Palestinian issue is kept going to keep the population under martial control.

    There is strong evidence that Mossad operatives laid the explosive charges for the demolition of the WTC in NYC (the art students). There was also a chain of dual-citizen Israelis in key positions that faciltated the cut-price leasing of the buildings to Larry Silverstein, who subsequently cleaned up on the insurance. But make no mistake, while the fraudulent profits were fat, that thing was purely political, and the orders came from London.

    CIA and MI6 operatives were also involved.

    1. And even more BS, Rick. What strong evidence?

  5. students, take your pick:


    1. Nice try, Rick, but Bluenote left the country a couple of years back. I know because I took him to Gatwick. Anyway, sure he would be flattered you are using his name although you do not have his way with words.

  6. More lies from TDC I see: Ferrygate was debts to 4 companies not just one. And all done in secret.

    1. No, not in secret, 12:41, whatever next? Debts to (or should that be from as TDC is owed the money) four companies still coming to the same total. How dastardly and underhand is that. This has gone beyond arrests and now they should bring back hanging. Or maybe even being forced to drink Thanet water.

    2. If shale fracking goes ahead in this country we are really screwed; our environment destroyed (polluted air, water and soil); our property worthless, houses in Blackpool now unsaleable; our health ruined; our longevity severely curtailed; our children's future hellish; in a nutshell - UN Agenda 21.

      These madmen must be stopped and brought to book, opr we might as well just pack it in right now.

      Absolute must see interview with the UK's foremost expert on the dangers of fracking, discussing events in Sussex and Lancs.

    3. Interview starts at 29 minute mark.

  7. Ferrygate wasn't in secret 17:41? Everyone says it was even TDC. Why do you say it wasn't? The amount of money has changed once. And now the number of companies. TDC can't even tell their lies properly. And presumably they had 4 separate secret meetings?

    1. Come now, 13:07, just where is your sense of humour. I was joking, like taking the mickey out of 12:41. Being sensible though, if you are owed money by one company that is in administration you have one chance of getting any back. If you are owed the same amount of money in total by four companies, you now have four sources you can approach to effect some recovery. In betting terms your odds have improved.

      As for old fracker above, why don't you go on Dragon's Den with a little black capsule to market that we can all take to avoid being totally fracked off. Like you said, we might as well go now, but please, not before the end of the Ashes series.

      By the way, have you two ever considered forming a double act, 09:47 and 13:07, you could bring the house down between you with your jokes.

    2. This is no laughing matter, 15.26, Luke at Thanet Waves blogged about Sandwich being a possible target for Cuadrille back in 2011.

      You are going to love being reincarnated as an amoebe for the next 1000 lives... if you're a good little amoebe you might even work your way up to headlouse.

      Anyone who trades their soul for material wealth and a cushy life is a complete and utter mug, imo.

    3. To be a headlouse there have to be heads to be one on, so I will settle for that role in the post fracking world. As for Luke, I am sure that he would agree that he is no expert on the subject and only wrote his post following something he read.

      The fact remains, that unless we create fuel sources to sustain us we will all freeze to death anyway. There are far too many of us now on this planet to depend on windmills and the Green lobby don't like nuclear.

      Anyway, who said anything about material wealth. All I want is to live a civilised 21st century lifestyle with hot showers, central heating, light from a switch and a microwave for my ready meals, all of which I will no doubt pay through the nose for out of my hard earned income.

      You want to live like a caveman, be my guest, but go off to some remote island rather than inflicting it on the rest of us.

      Incidentally, I still think you are hilarious.

    4. FRACKING IS A U.N. LAND GRABSaturday, 3 August 2013 at 12:15:00 BST

      Utter nonsense, 17:18, fracking has nothing to do with energy shortages.

      FRACKING IS A U.N. LAND GRAB people...

      ...WAKE UP!!!

      Communism requires an end to private property ownership, that is what is going on here.

    5. Like, wow, 12:15, not a UN Land Grab? Like who is behind that, Robert Mugabe? Or maybe, as it is fracking, it is a land grab from below, fracking obvious really.

      And I still think you are hilarious. Just keep the jokes coming.

  8. Here is the licence, which has been granted by KCC, 'Putting Kent First'

    It seems that UKIP are all for this fracking scam, so I don't think we need to place too much faith in them at all. Monckton is a Knight of Malta and Farage comes from a City background; sounds to me like they are just more controlled opposition.

    Mugabe? That's a dead giveaway, Tom Clarke/Bluenote, do you know nothing else but Zimbabwe?

    You are clearly a bit dim, Tom, so let me try to explain this business in simple language, just for you.

    When the vast surrounding area of a fracking drilling site has been polluted to the point of no longer being habitable, the property market will be long dead, the inhabitants who don't move out will soon be dead, the land will be compulsorily purchased for a pittance; the globalists will be rubbing their hands with glee.

  9. What utter stuff and nonsense, Rick. If world communism wanted land they would just take it as communist states have done throughout their existence. People's rights count for nothing and they certainly do not have to engage in fracking operations first.

    No, I am not Tom Clarke or Bluenote, but one wonders why you think only one person in several re-incarnated forms finds your perpetual conspiracy theories well OTT. I very much doubt there is anyone round the blogs who takes you seriously. As for the reference to Mugabe, that should have been obvious, as he is one of the biggest Marxist land grabbers of recent times. Election rigging is his other speciality.

    See you introduced globalists this time whereas in an earlier post it was a communist plot. Which is it for I thought there was a difference.

    Can hardly wait for the next instalment or for which 'Fracking' pseudonym you will use next time.

    1. Can someone explain to me why anyone would be rubbing their hands with glee at acquiring contaminated land for a pittance? What exactly does one do with contaminated land, however cheap?

    2. Sort yourself out Tom, it's not too late, you knowSunday, 4 August 2013 at 11:35:00 BST

      We have been programmed to think two dimensionally, Tom; two-party politics, black or white, it isn't this so it must be that, that kind of thing.

      Reality, however, is a bit more sophisticated than that and multi-dimensional thinking is required; what is projected by the propagandists is a complete fake reality and we need to break free from the television programming and from the pavlovian mind control, that masquerades as an education system, in order to see what is really happening right under our noses.

      Globalism is essentially corporate fascism, that's to say, a merger of big business and government; private corporations calling the shots to our politicians. This is what happened in Germany during the Third Reich.

      Marxist-Leninist control systems are being employed to control the peasants, for this is the most efficient method; if the peasants are brainwashed into policing themselves, or tattling on each other, as happened under the Stasi in the DDR, then less resources need be spent on controlling them, and the corporate fascists are all about efficiency.

      The biggest land-grabbers are, historically, The Crown, and more recently the U.N., which are essentially merged in true corporate-fascist fashion; ie The Crown calls the shots to the U.N., which is run by communists (KGB/ Zionists).

      The crazy policies that we are now beginning to see manifesting, not just here in England, but all over the globe, come from the U.N.

      Such policies will always have some kind of plausible explanation that the plebs usually accept without question, but dig a little deeper and you shall find that there is a much more sinister agenda behind every single one of them.

      Such is the case with fracking; they tell us we need the gas, due to energy scarcity, in reality, they control the flow of oil and can create scarcity at the drop of a hat. There is no scarcity, and even if there was, they are suppressing alternative, clean, renewable energy production methods that would free us from dependence on oil anyway.

      No, as I said earlier, fracking is just a ruse to separate us peasants from our private property, and to sicken, weaken and exterminate a huge number of us.

      Any of our younger generation, who have something to offer and are willing to work as a corporate slave, will have the option to move to a high rise, Agenda 21 rabbit hutch, on the outskirts of one of the Agenda 21 mega-cities, complete with 24/7 surveillance of their lives via the smart grid - 1984 on steroids. While the remaining land will be re-wilded and out of bounds to all but the Alphas, the elites.

      Obviously, if the government were to send machete wielding thugs into our towns to clear us off of our land, as they do in Africa, where no-one bats an eyelid, it might start to raise a few eyebrows, so a bit of stealth is required, so here they send in the shale gas drilling teams, backed up by our police force(?!?).

    3. Well I never and silly me thought it was a democracy. What would we do without you, Rick, to save us from all the nasty globalist, communist, UN sponsored Rothschild paid nasty folk. Well, on your advice, if anyone comes fracking about in my garden, trying to pinch my land, I shall tell them to frack off pretty sharpish like.

  10. FRACKING IS A U.N. LANDGRABMonday, 5 August 2013 at 12:19:00 BST

    'fraid not Tom, in this democracy some animals are more equal than others.

    As far as fracking is concerned, Woodnesborough is in your backyard.

    Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

    1. If it gives you some kind of senile pleasure to call me Tom, Rick, please by my guest although my Christian name is actually William.

      For the record, Rick, in all systems some animals are always more equal than others and, in the most natural and basic, the guys with big teeth at the top of the food chain are the most equal of the lot.

    2. FRACKING IS A U.N. LANDGRABMonday, 5 August 2013 at 23:07:00 BST

      Is fracking just another over-hyped ponzi scheme?

      Leaked industry emails and reports sow doubt on this miracle solution to 'energy scarcity'.

      Earth shattering stuff...

    3. FRACKING IS A U.N. LANDGRABMonday, 5 August 2013 at 23:25:00 BST

      Leaked industry documents on the ecological carnage caused by fracking.

      Scary stuff...

    4. Read it, Rick, what a hoot. Do nutters like this really exist, but then again, you do don't you?

    5. Not exactly mass circulation highly respected media sources your links, Rick, with nothing like Time Magazine or the Washington Post. Pretty much obscure small circulation stuff that 99.9% of us in Thanet have never heard of.

      Whilst I admire your research, it proves nothing. You also have still not explained the point about contaminating land and then buying it cheap. What is that about for, if you bother to look, there is already quite a bit of contaminated land around that nobody wants.

    6. FRACKING IS A U.N. LANDGRABTuesday, 6 August 2013 at 23:31:00 BST

      The globalists don't actually need the tiny plots of land that we have been squeezed onto, they just want us gone from them, it's called U.N. Agenda 21. I thought I had made that clear enough in my 11:35 comment.

      Time and nature will eventually return them back to normal, should this thing get that far out of hand.

      The two ridiculous globalist rags you mention have been suffering from a dwindling circulation for some time. The only way they can afford to keep going is from donated TARP money and corporate advertising, they would not survive under their own steam.

      Infowars gets far more traffic than any of the corporate propaganda rags or TV channels and they do it without any corporate/government handouts, and collectively, the hundreds of thousands of alternative media websites and blogs are where people increasingly go to for the real news and information, that the established media dare not publish.

    7. Enough said, you poor old sap, you enjoy your conspiracy world, but I bet things will still all be the same long after you have departed this mortal realm.

      Yes, I agree it will all come to grief in due course, but it will be a nuclear holocaust, or sneaky asteroid or simply down to over population and pollution that brings it about. Not mysterious globalists who are somehow different to the rest of us. Incidentally, what is Allan Sugar, globalist or barrow boy made good.

    8. FRACKING IS A U.N. LANDGRABThursday, 8 August 2013 at 11:24:00 BST

      Who is Allan Sugar?

    9. Good morning, Rick, trust you have taken all your tablets.

      Now there was me hoping that as you are a fountain of all knowledge you would be able to answer the Allan Sugar question. Evidently not as, presumably, it kind of upsets your globalists control case.

    10. FRACKING IS A U.N. LANDGRABThursday, 8 August 2013 at 12:51:00 BST

      Thanks for reminding me, Tom, I have not yet taken my chlorella tablets.

    11. Poor old, Rick, taken in by the Rothschilds health food propaganda. They have convinced the mugs that consuming green algae has health benefits when, in fact, chlorella tablets are just an expensive way of eating plain old cabbage. Still, if it makes you feel good, why not. Have an extra one for me whilst I will have a poached egg on spinach for you.

  11. Sorry to burst your bubble, Rick, but Infowars is a site run by Alex Jones for personal profit and, as long as there are mugs like you following it, he is doing very nicely thank you.

    1. FRACKING IS A U.N. LANDGRABThursday, 8 August 2013 at 11:36:00 BST

      Anyone who works 18 hours per day deserves to earn a decent wage, especially when that work involves saving millions of lives.

      You'll wake up one day Frannie, no doubt.