Friday, July 19, 2013

Lunch time interruption -Celebrate West Cliftonville Community


Sorry for the late nature of this notification, just opened an email referring to the above event, apparently an extravaganza is to take place, er about now 12:00 to 16:00 in Northdown Rd. 

This is a celebration of Cliftonville West community, for a tenth birthday, just who's is not clear, at least to me. 

Given the enticement of Live Music, street entertainment, free refreshments, how sad that it is taking place on a working day and not weekend.  

Still all is not lost I see that the Mayor of Margate will be in attendance along with the deputy chair of Thanet council Harry Scobie and I suspect maybe their comrade Labour boss Cllr Clive Hart, imagine the joy to those work free citizens of West? Cliftonville. 

This is all I understand arranged by the Cliftonville Partnership, more info here

This event is sponsored by tax payer so why
not have it on weekend???????????


  1. Just got in from work, I wondered what was going on outside!

  2. Tony, most of the locals around here work in retails (shops, restaurants and pubs), where weekends are our busiest times. So it's nice to see something that takes this into consideration for a change.

  3. Well I work mainly around London and think it would be marvellous to see you 15:30 and the labour dependency group enjoy the largess of taxpayers

    Still having just taken a butchers at Clive Harts twitter stream clearly he's having a good old time @CliveHart: 10th Birthday Party for Cliftonville West - Northdown Road.

    Pity he can't expand on whose party it is , I'm racking my brains and cannot think what's to celebrate Cliftonville has existed for more than ten years and I'm sure it was born with an east and west or even a north and south.

    Perhaps it's ten years since a walk in that part of town felt safe.

    Perhaps someone could elucidate

    Finally I would take a guess that most business would like to increase turnover so I find your comment extraordinary almost as if some labour hack churned it out. 15 30

  4. A saying comes to mind:-

    If you have nothing useful to say then don't say it!

  5. Maybe it's just a chance to try to be positive about the area Tony, though I know how difficult that is for you...

    In honour of the birthday celebrations, we asked Isle of Thanet Gazette readers to name their favourite things in Cliftonville:

    1. Architecture: Industrial, religious and artistic relics reign supreme in Cliftonville's traditional terraces. The lack of a conservation area is a source of frustration for residents.

    2. Art: Lovelys gallery and the Hazelwood Studios have become staples of the Thanet cultural scene and a bedrock of the Thanet Open Studios. Pettman's depository in Athelstan Road now houses Resort Studios.

    3. Beaches: The coastline and Walpole Bay bathing pool were a hit with readers looking to escape the throngs on Margate sands or enjoy a walk or cycle on the clifftops of the Viking trail.

    4. Food: Batchelors Patisserie on Northdown Road, Fort's Café and Deli-o-licious offer enough to satisfy foodies and offer an alternative to the range of greasy spoon cafes. For more exotic flavours, there is a continental grocery shop, two Indian restaurants and two Thai eateries.

    5. Diversity: With dozens of nationalities, the multicultural community means there's rarely a dull moment in the melting pot of languages and accents.

    6. Vintage shopping: With a range of charity shops, bric-a- brac dealers and the mighty Scott's in Grotto Hill, you can find furniture and clothes with character in Cliftonville.

    7. Shell Grotto: 3.6 million shells buried underground and brought alive.

    8. The Tom Thumb Theatre: The bijou venue is one of Britain's smallest but has arguably the most diverse and avant-garde programme in Kent with Edinburgh festival comedy previews, cinema nights, dance, folk and burlesque.

    9. The Walpole Bay Hotel: For a traditional afternoon tea this quirky hotel, a favourite with Tracey Emin, is a must

    10. Sports: Jet Ski World hosted the UK championships last week, play pool and snooker at the Lido or try bowling or skating at Bugsy's (ten-pin), or Cliftonville indoor or outdoor centres.

    1. Yes let's be positive but er what's the birthday for ????

      It's not difficult surely

  6. Just been listening to a super local band in Sweyn Road called JAKADAM . Anyone wanting a local band could be interested in their facebook page.

  7. Tony, read the Gazette and you will discover that it is 10 years since W.Cliftonville was treated as a distinct entity in order to attract funding and other benefits. Thank God you didn't get elected to KCC as you come across as such a miserable old soul, but this opposition to anything positive seems to be a typical Thanet trait.

  8. Colin let me be clear I have no problem with positive if you read my posting from last Sunday you will find positive, what I do have difficulty with, is phoney.

    Yesterday's event was I guess great for those who've nothing else spoiling, it could have been inclusive but wasn't as it was held on a day when a lot of taxpayers would have been earning money, and even on a purely business basis surely a Saturday event would have offered the greatest

    I did read the Gazette last night Colin and must say the birthday seemed artificial and of little consequence unless you happen to be a Labour party member manufacturing propaganda no surprise your glorious leader was apparently out and about.

    Let's be honest, West Cliftonville, has if anything deteriorated in the last few years, and perhaps had the question been asked, as to its negatives, most people would like me, feel uncomfortable, walking alone in that area.

    The area is a prime example of damage caused by Labour's national policy of encouraging dependency culture, abandonment of working people and allowing business to ruthlessly exploit migrants.

    Still a marvelous photo opp for Labour.

    1. Colin writes:
      Thanks for this Tony. I live in W.Cliftonville and we own our flat which we endeavour to maintain and present in superb condition. Since we bought it, 8 years ago, its value has dropped by some 30% thanks to the influx of migrants and a commensurate increase in antisocial behaviour. For the record I am not a socialist. In fact I have no faith in ANY political party, either at Westminster or TDC ... especially TDC. A district does not deteriorate on its own but by the non respect of its population.

  9. I think standards have fallen across all sections of society, people no longer have the respect others, as
    to property prices I think most are down .

    Drug abuse seems or of control with crime on the increase,

    1. You forgot to mention obesity Tony. This has increased by over 500% in Kent in just 10 years!

    2. Hard to imagine someone being 500% fatter than they were ten years ago. Or perhaps the number of fat folk has increased by 500%. A rather strange statistic whatever without some other qualification.

  10. Tony this country has massive problems. We have been in decline since the end of our industrial revolution/start of mandatory state education. By the 1920s the wealthy were moaning about dependency culture, as after WW1, they could not fill vacancies for servants. People preferred the dignity of dole to the indignity of poorly paid servitude.

    In the 1930s unemployed people were advised to stay in bed to reduce their need for food. I know people from rural areas who joined up in 1939 and noticed that some cockneys were so weak from malnutrition in the city they could not run as far as the barracks front gate let alone get away !

    After the war instead of facing up to bankrupt reality we became a nuclear power with a welfare state and a political objective of full employment (In obsolete industry).

    We created artificial work in the public sector.

    We created a massive economic black hole to service public sector pensions. The economy of Ulster, for example, would go bankrupt on its public sector pension debt and public sector employment if UK stopped subsidizing it. Southern Ireland would go bust if it unified with Ulster.

    History seems to teach that in such circumstances a country will lurch to the right and then some.

    1. Well that would help the obesity problem 19:33! Something clearly needs to be done.

    2. More specifically than tracing our decline back to the industrial revolution, it would be more correct to say that we have increasingly lived beyond our means since the formation of the Labour party and rise of socialism. Our world standing as a nation has fallen with each successive Labour government.

    3. But there's been far more Tory governments since 1900. Your argument is ridiculous.

    4. Usually having to bring back our economy after the damage done by Labour. Instead of successive governments leading us to prosperity, we get these Labour disasters in between setting us back to near bankruptcy time and again.

      However, don't take my word for it, but simply check out the world standing of our finances after each Labour government starting with Ramsay MacDonald. Check out old 'pound in your pocket' Wilson, 'winter of discontent' Callaghan or maybe 'selling off the gold reserves' Brown. As for the post war disaster of Atlee's government that, whilst the rest of the world was rebuilding after a disastrous war, engaged on a programme of nationalisation and social spending we could no way afford. They never have grasped the idea of creating the wealth before you spend it.