Monday, July 22, 2013

Crime out of control? Dane Valley deserves better

It seems daily we read negative stories about our police, everything from rewriting police statements after the Hillsborough disaster, giving info to the newspapers,  perhaps more revolting is the recent revelation that metropolitan police actively sought negative information about the family of murdered Stephen Lawrence.  

One common feature to many failings of our police is that many of their shortcomings are motivated by senior officers trying to present themselves in a more positive way and as we've seen this is done regardless of the hurt it causes to innocent victims of crime. 

Here in Kent our local force, has recently been criticised over failing to record crime correctly, one that did however get reported was the theft of some medals from a police officers home. 

The medals were apparently for representing the "service" during the Jubilee and Olympics and only issued to officers, on personal note I worked during the Jubilee/olympics and understand that the rail industry will not be issuing medals, not even for the night i worked on a bridge that her Majesty sailed under a few hours later,  while bored British Transport police looked on. 

Anyhow on the subject of burglary, I know how distressing this is, and as it happens recalling some recent excitement about increased crime I thought I'd look at  local statistics. 

A quick unscientific look at info from UKcrimestats here reveals that Dane Valley offers a truly awful indication of just how effective police services are in Margate during the first fours months of this year burglary has increased by almost 3 times to 48 incidents (assuming they've been correctly accounted for) over the same period in the previous year (2012, 17 burglaries). 

Just what if anything is being done to resolve this crisis, can I suppose, only be answered, by Kent police, as I understand it, little or no feedback is offered to victims, people of Dane Valley clearly deserve better policing than they are getting.

What hope is there, little unless Kent Police along with pretty much every other police force in the land accept there is a problem,  with police attitudes, any public service ethos seems to have disappeared many years ago, when senior officers started thinking that they're more important than the public who pay their salaries and pensions.  


  1. I just read another negative story about the police, thanks a lot Tony!

    1. Sorry but that is how it is, burglary is a nasty crime ignoring it just means that yet another person comes home from work to find some drug taking low life, has helped themselves.

      Dane valley deserves a better police force, Margate apparently has some task force doing what?

  2. Vigilantes and a few broken bones might sort it

  3. You are negative about virtually everything, Tony, and rarely if ever, offer your own thoughts and proposals on how things might be improved. A typical "grumpy old man". Others focus on trying to make things better, whatever their political slant. You just howl at the moon.

    1. I think those who've come home to find their house broken into would be equally negative.

      I appreciate that people such as yourself think in cosy cliche, exactly who amongst the new labour conservative coalition has much that is positive to say, the leader couldn't even bring himself to welcome KLM when offered the chance by the BBC instead invoking some incredible excuse involving local election for which he wasn't standing

      And while on negatives which local politician was it appearing on telly a year or so back, that i seem to remember going out of the way to draw attention to criminal elements of margate which of course is vibrant with diversity usually something to be celebrated.

      The fact is as I said in the posting Dane Valley needs something better than is currently the case.

      Kent police need a kick up the backside along with Anne Barnes (crime and police commissioner ) who has been a disaster so far.

    2. Well done Tony, for airing this very pertinent subject.

      Just as with the NHS, the police force is being positioned for privatisation by crony globalist corporations such as the sinister Serco and G4S outfits.

      If that happens, you can forget your inalienable, God-given rights to fair justice. Fact is, we are already half way there, what with the top coppers all being freemasons and the regular coppers having their minds messed with by, you guessed it, Common Purpose. Add to that, the fact that an increasing number of police officers are being recruited from the ranks of military veterans returning from Iraq and you have a recipe for disaster, which is obviously what THEY want.

      On the subject of burglary.

      Well, the majority of house break-ins are committed by addicts of heroin, and other hard drugs. Since NATO (Knights of Malta) moved in there, the majority, about 90%, of the world's heroin comes from Afghanistan, it never used to, in fact, after the Russians left, the Taliban closed opium production right down.

      The Russians were also there for the smack, but now those poor souls who are hooked on the stuff are reduced to injecting what is left of their veins with the diabolical krokodil, home-made substitute, cooked up from opiate pain-killers and various other delicious ingredients, until their limbs fall off.

      China was destroyed and then conquered by the importation of Opium. Our own Prime Minister's family played a key role in that racket, through their Hong Kong-Shanghai Bank.

      Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

    3. 13 57 indeed we are seeing a pattern, whenever a serious topic is discussed on these pages first we get reasonable slightly derisory comment, followed up with bonkers theories such as your own although not entirely mad, generally to be topped off with insults all round.

      Perhaps if you recently been burgled you could jion the conversation and let us know your experience.

      Maybe you think despite the desperate situation a 182% increase in burglary the margate police are doing a good job in protecting those in Dane Valley

    4. There is little point in discussing the symptoms if you ignore the root cause.

      Perhaps if you start doing a bit of digging on the internet, Tony, instead of swallowing the mainstream BS hook, line and sinker, we might be able to have that conversation.

      This country is being deliberately destroyed from within, that is the root cause.

      Is this where we are headed?

    5. We were burgled about 3 years ago... the police came out that evening but SOCO didn't appear till the morning. A partial print was pulled but we never heard more about that. A mobile phone was stolen that was still active until I had it blocked a day later. Having an online account I was able to produce numbers that it had called after being stolen but the police didn't seem that interested with anything I provided.

      In the end we abandoned all hope of hearing from the police and just accepted that we had been unfortunate. Lucky for us everything was insured to their full value.

  4. I see that someone has suggested that the police will be privatized ? Constables cannot be privatized. They derive their authority from The Monarch and the People.

    They are independent ministerial officers of the Crown.

    To "Privatize" them would be an act aimed at undermining the happy constitution of the Realm. Treason.

    If govt were to introduce state police, who are not Crown constables, the people could simply hold parish elections and select their own constables.

    On this Royal birth day how appropriate to reflect on the safeguards we enjoy by being a constitutional monarchy ?


    1. You are absolutely correct, Sir, but when our monarch has failed in her duty to uphold the constitution (blackmail?), a judiciary that has completely lost the plot and a general public that has been dumbed down and brainwashed past the point of caring about any constitution, let alone knowing what it stands for, then we certainly have a battle on our hands to make that happen.

    2. May I suggest that you avail your right to petition HM the Queen on your concerns under her guarantee that such a petition will be free of consequence ?

  5. I see that the "Common Purpose" critic has included Freemasonry in his sights.

    At the time of Napoleonic threat there were fears that his agents would operate through secret societies. The result was an act of parliament that outlawed secret societies. Freemasony was exempt because of its constitution of loyalty to the law and the Realm.

    Under that law the local Justices were required to maintain a public record of the names of Freemasons in their jurisdiction.

    far from being a "Common purpose" or "New World Order" conspiracy wasn't it Harold Wilson who repealed the Act and empowered Freemasons to privacy in about 1967 ?


    1. I see that Harold Wilson attended Bilderberg, Richard, which would make him very much a part of the New World Order conspiracy, would it not?

      Treasonous rogue's gallery:

    2. He also attended Russia and flogged them Nene jet engines causing prominent Bilderbergers and Pinay Cercle people and MI5 to suspect he was a Russian spy.

      Perhaps they invited him along for some dinner, a chat over a pipe smoke ?

      The thread is about policing in Margate. The subject has been addressed before in 1998 when the IoT Gazette published a letter of calculations showing police crime stats for Thanet were wrong.

      That was a time the area was essentially trialling new age ideas like Zero tolerance and Intelligence Targetting. Once properly analysed the truth was the previous conventional methods caught and convicted more crooks.

      The Chief constable at that time told the Daily Mail (even they were horrified) that Neighbourhood Policing is pure Enid Blyton what is required is operational command units of police of a minimum of 100 officers per unit.

      That may sound like the rantings of a power hungry right wing cop. But that Chief constable was actually very close to the Home Secretary David Blunkett.

      What was being published in IoT Gazette at that time was the area Supt writing words like "Be in no doubt we are no longer a Police Service we are a Force of Social Control".

      And you will find that at that time an HMI of Constabulary inspection of Thanet Police kicked off. Whilst the Supt Force of Social Control chap was exchange posted to a Commonwealth country. On his return he never regained a Police Command.

      Let me emphasise once again Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary. With the emphasis on the Her Majesty's.