Thursday, November 30, 2006

Should Britain defend its access to Europe as France paralyses Dover

Thousands of people have over the last two days have been inconvenienced and held to ransom by members of the Calais Chamber of Commerce apparently protesting over the dismissal of a cleaner, as usual I have no knowledge of the facts but it would seem clear to me that the paralysis across Kent and the closure of access to Europe by some piss pot French pressure group is out of all proportion to any perceived harm.

In common with thousands of Kent's commuters I have had hours added to my working week for what I don't know, because I have not had the time to find out.

Perhaps it's time the British government considered options to make free access into Europe something which the people of Calais and northern France can no longer used as an indiscriminate weapon against the people of Britain and Kent in particular, perhaps the United Nations could be deployed in Calais to keep our border open with the rest of Europe.

At the very least hopefully British consumers will boycott the town of Calais itself, which has little to recommend itself unless you're interested in grisly concrete architecture or shops with surly staff, which for some inexplicable reason seem to close at lunchtime for the day.

Beautiful Calais

Fortunately for Calais, the British are too polite and considerate to seek revenge for damage caused by a handful of belligerent unreasonable Frenchman.


  1. what do you mean a handful of belligerent unreasonable Frenchman?
    They are all belligerent and unreasonable.
    How about not having ferries to Frogland and only going
    to Belgium,that would teach the
    frog eating-english hating twats that they are not the gods gift to
    europe that they think they are!

  2. Kind of a wide sweeping statement on the French there from DVT. As for Tony agreeing you are of French ancestry yourself...Non? Vive la France. At least the French stand up for their rights and don't bend over and take it to the hilt like the English and before you rant on about how they waved the white flag during the war there would have been no difference in the UK if we were joined to the continent, just as many backstabbing two faced surrender monkeys here I'm afraid except no one would admit it...would they?

  3. Those garlic munchers at EDF already have their hands on our lecky. The number of power cuts we have in Ramsgate beggars belief!

    My theory is that Ramsgate is now such competition for Cannes and Nice that they've hatched a cunning plan to bring us to our knees. Makes sense, doesn't it?

  4. anon again!
    ;) I read with some sympathy about our striking French neighbours.I have nearly always liked the french, but they are now behaving in a NON European way by discriminating against us for the sake of a cleaner?.
    A little silly, to say the least!
    Perhaps Le Tunnel diggers can help us, and make and dig a left turn just after the middle, to take it in to Belgium a bit.

  5. Belgium's great and the beer's better!

  6. Second week in a row that Operation Stack has been put in place. Last week due to this and this week due to bad weather.

    There must be a better way of dealing with the traffic problems...wheres our Roads Minister, Dr Ladyman MP?

  7. Hopefully out on the hustings to stop nerds like you, James, getting a chance of election to public office.

  8. Is that why sausage rolls are becoming more expensive ?