Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bignews Margate moves to new home

The reason that I have not been posting this week, is down to the fact that I have decided to purchase a newer computer than the one I have been using for the last few years, the older model has been making increasingly odd noises (bit like me since I reached fifty), so after a couple of panic attacks, I have now made the move to newer technology.

I hoped it would be a simple matter of just nipping down to PcWorld and bobs your uncle. Unpacking my new toy, I assumed I would be up and running in a matter of minutes which it was but not for long, as my toy shutdown, and after reading the bumf, following the instructions, ringing the helpline, it was back to the shop to sort it out.

As part of my upgrade I decided to liberate myself from the Study (spare room), by getting a wireless modem. Having got a working computer, I thought right, I'd install the wireless modem, ureaka! the thing worked after a phone call or two, then when I tried make the connection secure it died, I rang the help line, (they love me I think) they keep telling me how important I am, they let me leave them little messages, when the fail to find an operator, to help me. I just know that my calls will be returned any day now.

My thinking is that in making myself more mobile I could sit in the lounge, with Mrs Me although I note she has chosen to go out this evening, also I'm not sure that the preference for soap operas and reality TV is conducive to blogging.

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