Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ladyman to be voice of the South East

Steve Ladyman has taken news of his dismissal from government a bit better than one would expect. As a fellow Thanetonian his role as Transport Minister, is one that didn't appear to offer an advantage to his constituency or surrounding area.

A quick glance at our transport links shows, little improvement over his years in office, the road to Sandwich is still a pigs breakfast, there is no dual carriage way into the heart of Thanet and the much hyped up rail link is going to be overpriced, a little faster and into the wrong part of London for many commuters.

Mr Ladyman is waiting for clarification on his new job for the Labour party, apparently he has a remit to travel around the south east and feed the government with information on issues concerning this area, this would be great, were it not for the fact that Gordon Brown, is committed to continuing the outrageous situation, that allows Scottish politicians to vote on matters concerning England, but not the other way round (see Guardian).

We've heard how Gordon Brown wants a fair more consensus manner of Government, but where England, south east or north west is concerned we already know where Gordon Browns coming from and unfortunately for us, its Scotland.

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  1. How do you know that St Pancras is in the "wrong part of London for many commuters". Have you done a survey, or are you listening to the self-publicising Tory Laura Sandys, who gets most of her facts wrong but doesn't care as long as she gets a cheap headline?

  2. I wish Steve Ladyman well, I personally, would not want to work for Harriet H.

  3. Having worked a few shifts on St Pancras, from what I can tell its on the edge of central london as I know it. Victoria is right in the heart of London.

    I would go as far as to say if I never returned to St. Pancras it would be no loss.

  4. How scientific!Your assessment and judgement on this (St Pancras) is entirely wrong.

  5. Perhaps Steve has been told to go away and have government paid campaigning time in an attempt to hang on to his seat. He is a pleasant fellar whom I beleive has done his best. Sadly his best has included keeping in office one of the most corrupt and dishonest administrations of recent times. Personally, I wish him well in his forthcoming career, the return to Pfizers of course!

  6. Ok agree the MP seems a plesant fellar! Aside that one would expect alot better of our MP in his position to help resolve the Traffic Management issues in Thanet and the economic future of Thanet depends on better planning than is currently in place. Very bad overcrowed access roads, the long term success of Westwood Cross is threatened by the lack of road planning, and the building of new homes. At the moment it is quicker to use Popes Lane or the road through Tesco's to beat the congestion, trying drive out of Sainsbury's is a nightmare on a busy day. There is also the disapointment of the fast rail link to Margate with regard to time etc, which must threaten the viability of the new gallery. Finaly there is the Broadstairs Traffic Calming Measures cockup to sort out and the town deserves better traffic management than KCC and Thanet Council have in place. The Nayland Hotel must not be allowed as a dention centre for asylum seekers, invention by a local MP would be welcomed there as this is damaging to the regeneration of the area. He is a career Polition and as reported will probably be moved to a safer seat! And that is the concern as than there is no incentive for our MP to be more active in the constituency and improve Thanets's lot. I wrote to him last year,he would look into my concerns and replied by email last Oct, but still await any further communications? As our MP is newly appointed Advisor to Gordon Brown on the SE economy, will Thanet's economy benefit, we reserve judgement on that...and await the next election

  7. Dr Ladyman should have a look at the newly renamed boat filled with flowers renamed WESTWOOD CHAOS next to the Westwood Roundabout, and that sums it up perfectly!!

  8. Two slight corrections here,
    Firstly his new position is UNPAID so accusations of ' government paid campaigning time in an attempt to hang on to his seat ' are totally unfounded and a slur.
    Secondly Anon 08:17 if you knew the first thing about Government then you would know that as a Minister Steve Ladyman could NOT get personally involved in any thing that involved his Constuency. This is to prevent accusations of 'corrupt and dishonest administration'.

    Cllr Mike Harrison.

  9. Reply Cllr Mike Harrison, our MP is elected to represent the constituency,and has a duty to be involved in his constituency. If not then it is meaningless to have a representative in Parliament. We need an MP to take up our concerns as the County and local councils often dismiss any public concerns. For example the traffic management in Broadstairs High St and Victoria Parade remains a total mess, any public concerns appear to have been dismissed. Westwood chaos remains and will only get worse, again public concerns are dismissed. We need our MP to be actively involved and lobby these concerns on behalf of the constituents!

  10. Ok Mike, I stand corrected. No doubt you will applaud as Steve backed up by Gordon calls for the pouring of yet more comcrete across the south east. I seem to recall Alan Poole makingthe point last time around that it was only 1% of the green field spaces. How much is 1% per year for ever Alan and what impact does it have?

    The Labour group on TDC dishonestly represented their position oin Westwood Cross housing, and berated TDC for sloth in installing infrastructure...yet here is Steve telling us infrastructure does not need to be all in place at the start, something TDC achieved with the Westwood Cross developers.

    Seems as if the habits of spin and forked tongue are harder to lose than any of us thought!