Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oxford University brings itself into disrepute

News of that a student of Oxford University is facing disciplinary action as a result of evidence gleaned from Facebook, strikes me as incredibly petty.

Apparently university proctors (I think this means bosses), have been rifling through Facebook, in an effort to find incriminating evidence, of what would seem to be minor antisocial events.

Never having had the opportunity to attend a university (unless you include the university of life), this seems like complete nonsense.

One often associates universities with liberal thinking, just what were, these proctors thinking, for all their education, presumably they have no sense of proportion. You expect large corporations and a multinational companies, to ferret around in your personal life, but for a university to do so seems perverse. The mental image of crusty old academics, ferreting around in yooff websites just seems so unsavoury, if they have any real world friends maybe could explain to them.

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  1. Probably just an excuse to look at saucy material and then claim it as 'research'.