Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Spotted in Birchington

Not quite sure what these vehicles are for but I assume that they are some sort of new experimental buggy to replace those electric motorised chair things , much favoured by the elderly. I spotted these earlier in the week, tearing up and down the pavements of Birchington's mean streets.

Still having extreme computing problems.


  1. Weed exterminators. The Buggers are everywhere

  2. They whizzed down our street this morning too! Definitely council operated, but clearly a fun part of the job for the boys, judging by the way they took the corners...

  3. Thing is, do they realy need motorised transport to sneak up on a weed.
    I mean the weed is'nt going anywhere, so why rush.
    You could fit tanks onto one of those quad peddle thingies. Much less of a carbon wellie as well

  4. They'd be better off sending wee exterminators round my neck of the woods.

  5. i hate these things.i had the misfortune to have one of them spray the kerb near where i was,and i felt nauseous allday with a splitting headache.if it has to be done at all it should be at night and we should be told.

  6. Funny someone should mention doing this at night. These guys were passing her bungalow in Birchington at 6.30am! Still the chaps did seem to be enjoying themselves in their work.
    Quite early enough for a lady of some 80 summers, she thought!

    Nick from Whitstable