Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The chances are, that by now you have rumbled the fact, that I'm not as informed as I might like to think I am. So maybe you can help me on this one, if you care to look at the accompanying pictures you will see what appears on the face of it, some ambitious land grab by developers, which I'm sure is not the case. However since at the time of taking these pictures there were no signs, I have a tendency to think the worst, no doubt there is valid reason for fencing in large sections of pavement along the Eastern Esplanade in Cliftonville.

I'm sure even with our easy going, compliant planning department, you cannot just fence off bus stops and pavements, can you? particularly not under the gaze of Thanets spy cameras?


  1. Of course they can get away with it - they demolished a listed building here in Ramsgate last week and got away with it. Where have you been!

    You'll be pleased to know that the new development will contain some social housing, but not at the front where the sea views will be. I'd give you the reference to where I posted this on my blog in 2006, but it's lying in a heap of electrons somewhere on the internet.


  2. Ring planning Tony and ask them what is going on and if it is not approved they can enforce it. TDC seems to be very lax at the moment on who puts up fencing and where!

  3. Tdc seem to do what they like...What is being done with the building, another retirement block of flats. Margate could do with a new hotel with the predicted influx of people for the New Turner centre?