Thursday, February 14, 2008

BBC censor Saudi News

That may well be an over reaction to their report of Fawza Falih, an illiterate innocent woman who has been convicted of witchcraft under the Saudi Arabian barbaric and clearly corrupt justice system.

Human Rights Watch have highlighted, this example of systematic brutality towards women, which unfortunately is a regular occurrence in Saudi Arabia.

Just what puzzles me, since this story revolves around religious bigotry, and the story refers to religious police, is why this BBC report doesn't think it necessary to name the religion involved. I bet it's those blimin pesky Quakers at work again.

In a world of hypocrisy cowardice and multi cultural bull it was pleasing to see the Swedish Press making a stand against, I think it was Buddhists though I'm not sure.

Click here for the BBC's story and make your own judgement.

PS Is it me or do BBC hacks quickly bury these stories


  1. Don't forget we're welcoming the Chinese to Thanet shores soon. Another example of a tolerant, progressive, liberal regime.

    I gather they'll be treated to the full VIP works. Helicopter trips, a 99 at Morellis and a guided tour round Sandy's carpet emporium.

  2. I think, to be fair, Tony that most people know that Saudi Arabia is an Islamic State and in fact the centre of Islam. But when we read articles like this we must consider that should the number of Muslims in the UK ever reach 3% we may have to consider introducing Sharia law and I know some real witches!