Friday, February 15, 2008

East Kent Hospitals Trust, does it need fixing?

Well if you look at this weeks adscene you will probably not be surprised that yet another non-commercial organisation is doing what the public sector do best, that's right, flushing your money down the drain, with an advertising wrap asking you to be part of the local hospital.

Looking beyond the simple waste, its worth thinking about the motives, behind what is a move to change the structure of the local Trust by changing to a NHS Foundation Trust.

Apparently this will allow less interference, from government in what they do, not surprisingly there is no clearly defined example given in this advert, as to exactly how their being held back or we're being deprived.

Call me a cynic, I note the address is Canterbury based, and what I just wonder is whether, this is a backdoor attempt by the medical establishment, to claw back some of the improvements, in medical provision like A&E that we've had here in Thanet over last few years. I'm sure many will recall the time, when emergency health treatment, was only available at your local hospital in CANTERBURY!

As I say, no strong case is made in this advert, which your paying for, as to whats broken, so why fix it!

I would make a guess that this little campaign, will cost about £6,000 in advertising for this across East Kent , that might be better spent on cleaning etc.

Lets just hope East Kent Hospitals trust aren't just having our pants down on this one. Anyway I said I was givin this a rest for a day or two and having spoken to someone at the trust maybe their motives are well founded.


  1. I got time, to post since last nite, had a bit of flyer. (Railway term) will go into detail in my autobiography some day.

  2. We called it a "Jobber".

    My computing skills are rock bottom but I did what you suggested (or at least looked at what is involved) pressed one too many "Continue"s and ended up with a blog called Thanet Tatters.

    I don't think anyone will post a comment (they don't like me and I don't give a sh-t) But I thought I would join you and Ed (Planet Thanet Chat) on the high ground. Blog with identity.

    Well done Flaig.

    Best wishes The Irritating One.

  3. I hope you continue to post otherwise who else will give us any local news like county only putting up rates by 3.9% this year but TDC deciding to go over 4%

  4. I don't think it needs fixing unless I am missing something. I remember the hue and cry about Margate getting the A and E and not Canterbury. I don't want to go back to those dark days.

  5. When the general public are having to watch thier budgets due to the increased cost of their bills, energy, petrol, council tax etc.It's a digrace that Tdc, the health autourity, the police etc, are wasting money on advertising etc