Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In common with Simon Moores, Eastcliff Richard, etc. I write this weblog, because I generally have something to say and enjoy saying it, at least that's what I assume.

As with Simon Moores, I prefer to write as myself rather than some anonymous creation, in my case the reason is I believe it gives some personal authority, clearly others choose anonymity for reasons of position career whatever.

Not surprisingly, Simon Moores yesterday made it quite clear that his reputation and more significantly his family, were more important than his website.

Undoubtedly having insults and threats made to you and your family are an unwelcome side to blogging, and is something we all have to deal with in their own way. Sometime ago, I found myself targeted by what for a better term I shall call, a special interest group (in actuality lawless morons) who went as far as to issue death threats, as well as devoting whole pages of abuse in their own specialist websites. Since those in question apparently had a lower reading age than mine, I thought would be unkind to pursue the matter, although it had put me off blogging a while.

Since we're talking about people's opinions, then not surprisingly this sometimes gets personal, and in the unfortunate case of Simon Moores, apart from having someone making threats to his family, he seems to have picked up, the apparently obsessive commentator " One Voice In Thanet" who appears to have some compulsive character flaw, that he has focused on councilor Moore. I assume this character OVIT, is an underachiever who unlike many of us (underachievers) has yet to accept their own personal limitations. Frankly I really don't give a toss, and I don't mean that in a derogatory sort of way, what other commentators say or do since it's their right to say of what they like.


Unconnected as it may be, it looks as if, another simple minded critic has made the leap from legitimate comment, to actual crime. Presumably you may or may not be aware now that the Eastcliff Richard site has been hacked.

Like many I am a frequent visitor, and naturally assumed, that Eastcliff Richard, was making a comment of sorts by taking his site down, which seemed a tad extreme. Inquisitive as ever, I made contact with Eastcliff's office, and eventually spoke to the man himself, who informed me over the sound of a passing jumbo jet, that, his site had been hacked.

So it looks as if, blogging is taking a nasty turn, with personal threats to Simon Moores family and now criminal damage, Eastcliff Richards website.

Frankly if I were either of these two authors, I would consider reporting these incidents to the police, since threats to family are beyond any genuine criticism, as is the destruction of websites. To the perpetrators I would suggest, that they are in need of a psychological help at the very least.

I hope that both of contributors to the local blog community, continue to enlighten us in the future, since free speech is a fundamental right, that even in the backwaters of Thanet, it is worth preserving, particularly in the light frequent attempts to pervert free speech, as recently seen with the British Olympic team, when officials wished to gag athletes in China this summer.

Finally to those who threaten or commit crimes, against bloggers, get help, in Britain unlike many other places such as China free speech is allowed except by complete morons. Bloggers spend many hours contributing to free speech, and if you don't like what I say you have a choice my support goes to both Simon and Eastcliff who have been subject to criminal activity ie threats to family and criminal damage. Hope to see you both back soon.


  1. The two situations are simply appalling. We are heading towards a downward slope of anarchy it seems.
    Someone once said "I don't believe in what you are saying but will defend to the death your right to say it".
    It seems that is an old fashioned idea today and what a reflection of today's values.
    I too hope they both return as they are valuable assets in the land of blogland.

  2. Agreed with your general comments, Tony, and those of anon 6:35 above.

    You and I may have differing views on occasions, but freedom of speech, and protection from harassment are paramount, in a democracy.

    Ewen Cameron

  3. You may well reply to this with one of your customary "I don't give a toss" remarks, but FOR THE RECORD, I have not made any comment on or contribution to Thanet Life since I said, many months ago, that I would no longer do so.

    With all the sophisticated tracking facilities Councillor Moores says he has, he will know this.

    Given today's unacceptable events, it is important to maintain a grip on fact,not fiction.


  4. Well said Tony and the first two of your previous commenters. I frequently disagree with both Simon and ECR but read both and enjoy seeing their views. What has occurred now is totally unacceptable and I hope to see them both back soon.

  5. I'm gutted but it's only a blog. And it's hardly criminal damage, after all it wasn't something I owned, merely somewhere in cyberspace where I wrote things.

    However, despite not having personally witnessed any threats to Dr M or his family on any Thanet blogs, if what he says is true then I would say that it is a much more serious matter than having your blog zapped by some hyperactive nerd with a grudge. Another good reason for blogging anonymously, methinks.

    I suspect, though, that there is more to the Doc suspending his blog than he is telling us.


  6. Well said Tony and come back soon ECR!


  7. The plot thickens in blog land; claims of threats and now sites hacked? Watch for Thanetonian to get hacked next.What motive would make someone hack ECR? Why would someone bother, why at this time and what benefit would be achieved? How many of us sad bloggers trawling the blogs would have the expertise and know how to take a site down? Interesting times.

  8. They are all big thpoil thporth!

  9. I thoroughly enjoy the onine battle between ECR and Simon Moores as it's made for great entertainment, an online soap opera, and so both will be missed.

    Oh, to get to the bottom of it all.

  10. Chines new year prediction. OVIT follows ECR and loses website but we find out who he is first

  11. 03:03 I think we will find out that ovit is a Female 78 year old virgin with no teeth and a bad case of piles.
    It's the only answer!

  12. well ken gregory thinks he has something to do with local mayoralty, so if we had a 78 y/o virgin mayor some time?

  13. well ken gregory thinks he has something to do with local mayoralty, so if we had a 78 y/o virgin mayor some time?

  14. Tony

    I've been out of the loop in recent weeks. I have threats etc but why have Simon and ECR just given up the ghost?

    Seems all very strange to me.

    Corporate Presenter

  15. The coverage haas been quite extensive in central thanet, maybe on the fringes of thanet you know like is it finchley, you may well be out of the loop.

    I'd prefer if direct links were not left in comments since upto now ive always deleted them as spam, I 'm sure that as a serious blogger, you will understand.

    I prefer the form eg http/www.imalmostfamousblah/blah/blah as Ithose with clickable links generaly get remove as spam

  16. I think it's the 'wobbly grannies' from Winterstoke gardens. They've since been erased and are born again. Graffitists and hackers are of the same complexion, say it big, say it loud, say nothing, and wipe everything else out in the process. Annie Lennox of Eurythmics, once said that sometimes an audience would throw things at the band, because they couldn't compete. They didn't have the guts, or the talent to be up there. Same principle.

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