Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Politics of envy

All this week's kerfuffle over, blogging has been building up over sometime. What I hope are my final words on this subject, just sums up how I feel on this.

At the heart of the current problem, is the weight of callous criticism, leveled at those whose only crime is to take part in political debate or even report it.

What motivates this mindless, obsession in some, is beyond me, of course there is always room for informed criticism, which I have been guilty of myself.

I personally make no apology for occasionally, taking issue with the people like, Paul Carter, Roger Gale, Stephen Ladyman and Sandy Ezekiel, these people are in the public arena, and therefore it is legitimate, to refer to them in connection with the views or policies associated.

Judging by many of the comments, circulating throughout Thanet's bloggerati, children don't grow up, they just get older.

Much criticism has been made, of people's success, their motivation, and their achievements, ignoring the very positive contributions they have made to the local community.

The very British trait of knocking success, motivated by envy is much in evidence, in the negative schoolboy comments and advice.

Much of my life I have myself been subject to gratuitous insults and the hostility, from those I consider to be damaged goods. Still at the age of 50 plus, I get personal insults for my physical appearance, fortunately I have developed a mature attitude to this and rarely rise to the bait from those I know to be complete wankers.

Observing the irrational, corrosive and continuous name calling of one of our local bloggers, is just as spiteful as it is without justification.

It's interesting to note that without exception, those who have, continually indulged in their campaign of spite hide behind their anonymity for no other reason than their spineless bullies or
incapable of distinguishing between fair comment and offensive remarks.

Simon Mooores has understandably reacted not surprisingly to what has become a de facto campaign of abuse, for what, well in the main reporting facts, and asking readers to contribute and serving the community, clearly a big mistake for some feeble minded readers.

I doubt any of us bloggers expect to have our egos massaged with praise, and for readers it quite simple particularly in my case if you don't like the politics, sentiment, opinions, grammar, spelling etc just sling your hook.



  1. What a beautiful summing up of the mindless mayhem that is trying so hard to demolish free speech.
    You have put this very well. It would seem some people have nothing to do but to destroy.

  2. Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I don't. You're a staight talking chap and I'd stand to defend you to say what you want even if I think its crap. You're right about envy and success, we're basically a socialist country like the rest of Europe. BP makes millions in profit and people shout scandalous. I say well done!

  3. The question is do you believe the reasons given for suspending T'life and closing it down?

  4. 9:38 anon You dont get it do you, there is no is no question to answer.

    For no good reason,simple minded folk like .... Have systematically made a point of attacking simon who generally reports facts

  5. 9:38 anon You dont get it do you, there is no is no question to answer.

    For no good reason,simple minded folk like .... Have systematically made a point of attacking simon who generally reports facts

  6. your starting to believe your own crap, TF. scary

  7. Tony you know you do sometimes hit the nail bang on the head, my hope is that everyone will learn the lesson that while constructive disagreement is essential within the local blogging community, personal insults and mindless hostility is unacceptable.

  8. Sorry I called you fat, Tony. Can I have my blog back now please?


  9. Tony, the problem with decent good blokes like yourself, who are honest, hardworking and are proud to be who you are, is that you assume that others are driven by the same high principles of honesty and integrity. Sadly,that is not always the case,as we have been observing in Thanet's little blog zone since Monday. I am still at a loss as to why ECR's site was scrambled at the time it was and why it was targeted in the first place. It seems odd that we should have two of Thanet's blogs in tatters at the same time; one self-imposed and the other as an electronic attack of destruction. I wish I had the answers to the riddle.